He Wants To Lick My Lips?

It is so funny how Wolves are.
When you let go, they come running.
When you chase them, they put on the next plane out.
It is the funniest thing to me…

Here is a another epic adventure with Co-Worker Wolf…

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The Gaze of A Wolf That Wants You

I caught this video on Youtube on accident and I figured something out.
I guess God led me to that video for this entry.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have had Wolves look at me like this.
It is always from those Wolves that were interested, but I never knew…
…or was too shy to try and figure out.

Deep in my eyes.
Eyes softened.
Almost like a gaze.
Licking of the lips.
It’s that “spark”.
One that at the time made me so nervous because I felt it….

Exactly like this…

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