He Wants To Lick My Lips?

It is so funny how Wolves are.
When you let go, they come running.
When you chase them, they put on the next plane out.
It is the funniest thing to me…

Here is a another epic adventure with Co-Worker Wolf…

So after my last entry, I realized that Co-Worker Wolf is not the one for me.
Instead of playing “Ga Ga Goo Goo” with him, I decided to just be cool and whatever else.
I went into the office and a bunch of co-workers were in there, including him.
They were talking and I decided to join in on the conversation.
It felt good to let go of “OH I LIKE THAT NIGGA!!!” and just be cool.
We found ourselves talking and making jokes.
Whenever I made a joke about another Co-Worker I usually snap on and vice versa,
he only laughed at my snap backs.
He started asking me questions about whats up in entertainment and I replied back.
I said I liked J Cole and he replied the same with his favorite song.
All was well in the world.

I looked at him without googles on and he isn’t as fine.
He is really just “cute” in a young Wolf kind of way.
Not “Oh damn he is fine” as I once saw him as.
Plus, he is sort of balding and you can tell he is insecure about that.

So today, I went into the same office and I was talking with a female.
I started rubbing my finger across my bottom lip, back to back, slowly.
She likes to flirt with me so I was doing it to her.
Ya know, being bad.
He was in there but I wasn’t really paying attention to him…
… but can you believe he was staring at me?
Out the corner of my eye, I could see his gaze fixed on my lips.
So, I continued to do it and see what would happen.
Started smiling and licking them…






lol jk

Then, he decided to walk over close to me and throw something in the trash next to me.
All the while, he was looking right in my face.
Lastly, he walked up to the person I was talking to and tried to steal glances at me.

I’m sorry Wolfie but I’m over it.
You had your chance, but you lost it.
If he wants me, he is going to have to cum harder than that.
I am not chasing him anymore.

Foxes, don’t you hate when Wolves do this?

*i had fun doing it though. hope it made him hard as a brick.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “He Wants To Lick My Lips?”

  1. Just know the moment you start paying him attention again, he’s gonna wax cold. So left that be the one you let get away. You see you can pull him, so your ego should be happy now. 🙂

  2. Idk Jay I like to play the game with the wolfies, its almost the highlight of my day to walk around the office in my fitted tailored pants that show my best assets and make causal convo with the office boys because I know that none of them have the balls to actually call me on it plus the grins they have on their faces when I speak to them is priceless. I like working with my straight male counterparts in general, and I’m not like being extra like bending over, I just walk in front of them and when we are walking to get food, or go to meetings.

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