Where Da Hell You Been?

milkcartoni know what everyone is thinking?
i bet it starts off with:

“where the hell…”
“is he…”

i know.
i know.
i up and went missing on my people.
see what hadda happened was…

i took a quick hiatus away from the foxhole.
i needed to recharge my batteries.
i felt drained and just tired.
when i got the call from my vixen friend in nj,
asking me to come over and house sit while she went to dc,
i quickly agreed to it.
i packed up my stuff and just left.

when i got there,
i did nothing.
i took some walks.
went to the movies.
watched tv.
i got my lazy on type heavy.
any complaints?
i needed to get away from new york for a minute.
this city can be a weight on your shoulder.
the thorn in your side.
the b to complete your “itch”.
you see where i’m going here?

so i’m back.
leaving soon… i think.
a little sad.
kinda happy.
needing more,
but what?
that is always the question.


0020390001_4321i want some beats by dre headphones.
she had them.
music made me feel tingly inside listening to them.

lowkey 2:

fast and furious 6 was orgasm worthy.
the hangover 3 was “eh”.
nothing they do will beat the first.

lowkey 3:

missed ya.

6 thoughts on “Where Da Hell You Been?

  1. Hey J so glad you got some alone time to yourself, its always good to go to somewhere away from your home even if its just a friend, it a peace that comes over you when you are somewhere else, I love to read and reflect and just do nothing. It also good not to talk to people and not even answer text, if just for one day, it makes them appreciate you and vice-versa. I hope you are recharged and ready for a fun filled productive summer. Its been nice to not go to work and just lay in bed all day and plan my next moves.

  2. Beats by Dre Studio are ONLY $299 at Walmart .Isnt that what you spent on groceries the other week?.Skip the trip to grocery store and feel the tingly ,tingly music in you ear 🙂 jk

  3. I feel you. I take personal days all the time from friends and fam. I love that feeling of being alone and in my own world with my own thoughts every now and then. Some people take it the wrong way when you say you want to be alone, but it’s for me to understand.

    Why is it that when movies have sequels the first part is always the best? I never understood that.

    1. ^sometimes its good to just get up and go missing.

      they always trying to do the damn jokes as the first.
      the second hangover was so bad.
      i think i only laughed twice.
      fast and furious seems to get better as the franchise goes on.

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