Miguel Thinks Black Folks Are Judgmental

Untitledmiguel tweets his feelings today…

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 5.03.44 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 5.03.26 PM i detect no lies in these tweets.
i wonder what brought this on tho?
oh miguel…
are you still in your feelings over:

05_Miguel-gifif so
white folks were judging you too.
the way i see it,
anyone of any race is going to judge you.
it’s just life especially if you plan on being in the spotlight.
either get some thick skin or find a nice rock to live under.

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8 thoughts on “Miguel Thinks Black Folks Are Judgmental”

  1. he needs to do something with his hair.. he just reminds me of an updated version of little richard. the video makes him look bad and he has no one to blame for that but himself. i dont think black people think about him one way or the other

  2. LOL. Black people are the most judgmental.. in the world? Alrighty then. I bet he won’t say anything about the people on the other side of his heritage. Mexicans are waaay more judgmental than black people. It’s easy to pinpoint and target black people. The more we point fingers at each other, the deeper hole we dig ourselves into.

    I do,however, I agree with him on the subject of us being conditioned and pre-programmed to self hatred.

    P.S. why didn’t they speak to the second girl he kicked in the back of the head?? it seems to me like she got it worse because she sunk to the floor right after he went back to singing.

  3. Everyone on Twitter has been talking about this today lol, Miguel is the new Kanye West, they hate to be criticized even though they work in the most critical industry. If you are going to survive in the entertainment industry you better be ready and be glad they are judging you because that means they care ask Sisquo or Jodeci about how they would like someone to mention them now or many other has beens who were really hot and now not so much. Everyone in the age of social media judges everyone else from the famous to the not so famous. I wonder if this is a rant about his perceived sexuality. Oh well Miguel either get with the program or get you a job at the mall.

  4. Black people are also the most forgiving and will take back our own even if they dog us. We took back Michael, OJ, Whitney, Michael Vick. Yes, we judge, forgive, and stalk your ass to judge you some more!

  5. Why is black people always got to take the hit. It’s like we aren’t attractive enough, smart enough, angry, violent, etc. the reason black people criticize him the most is because most his fans are black the same way whites criticize Lindsey Logan, Mel Gibson, Amanda bynes, justin Bieber, etc.

  6. Did you hear the girl he dropped kicked at the Billboard Awards has hired an atty?Enews contacted her for an interview and she told them she was advised by her attorney not to do any interviews.This is the girl Miguel met up with backstage and tweeted about.This story was on Friday’s Enews show.

  7. Is it that black people are more judgmental or do white people not care enough to judge you at all?

    Think about it.

  8. You know, I think he would be bad af if he cuts his hair at the top. He’s toned down his outfits, got his body right, and he has a little attitude to him. I see you Miguel.

    You can tell he is inexperienced in the industry. Many entertainers know they will be talked about, but he is new to all this fame. He’s popular now, and he has to get used to the mixed reviews. The entertainment is all smoke and mirrors anyway. Everybody is trying to play into what they believe the people will love, he does it as well. He’s not being himself. His life performances tell a lot. He tries to hard and he’s sloppy at times, but he’ll find his way, hopefully.

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