Paparazziwelcome to the entertainment industry.
a place you have been struggling for a while.
you do __________.
you been trying to get noticed for your talent.
you see everyone rising the top but you.
so you keep on working your ass off.
well it finally it happened.
whatever you did caught on and stardom has happened.
everyone knows your name now.
the blogs are giving you full support.
the foxhole has even featured you as “baller ______”.
you get invited to all the a list events.
good seats with no questions asked.
you get to network with people who actually make moves.
everywhere you go there is someone wanting to take your picture.
good right?…

well with this new success,
you also get a new found power.
you start receiving attention from all the guys.
they start sending you gifts.
everyone is trying to get with you on the low.
even the vixens in the industry.

tumblr_mn3b6hWZQR1s0m4o8o1_500everyone wants a piece.
the ones who made you horny as hell.
the ones who didn’t notice you before.
you know how rumors start within the industry,
especially with who slept with who.
people talk.
reputations can form.
you seen it happen to vixens of all types.
people now want to sleep with you in order to advance your career.
so what do you do?
do you get some dick/ass and say fuck it?
do you strategically fuck the right people?
do you chill and ignore all the attention?


7 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (60)

  1. I know it might be a challenge, but you have to stay grounded in whatever principles guided your life before your big break. If it were me,, I would have someone in my corner who knew me “before” to help me stay grounded. I can only imagine the allure….the desire…to bed some of the folks I’ve fantasized about; however, a nut can not replace the work that went into placing me there. I believe that whatever you focus your mind own grows. I wouldn’t want to be like a platter of fajita meat….all sizzle then fade to some obscure table to be devoured by the hungry predator! #keepyourheadabovethefray

  2. I would chill and ignore all the attention. I wouldn’t get all caught up in a whole bunch of shit.

  3. I’m a firm believer in you have to do what you have to do. If I have to strategically fuck some ppl them that’s what imma do

  4. Chill and ignore all the attention, you want to remain elusive and mysterious, which will make people want you more because you’re desirable. If you sleep with any and everyone you will be seen as used goods that people would not want b/c every one has had you, you will lose the special something about you. By strategically fucking people, people will eventually recognize it and you will become a users who so desperately wants to clim the social ladder. Everybody is a social climber but you do not want people to know that b/c it makes you look pathetic and desperate.

    1. ^i believe that’s how bey did it.
      only people she was linked to was jay, mos def, and marques houston.
      nelly was trying and she wouldn’t budge.
      he even bought her popeyes on TV lol

      1. That’s the second time I heard she was linked to Marques, and I shut that down when I first heard it, that disturbs me cause he’s a monster in my book lol. She was with Lyndell up to age 18 or 19, so I don’t believe some of that. Either way, Jay was the first one who hit it, so she says. This must have been rumored during the early Destiny’s Child days, I was small then. However, I do know Marques and the two other members of Immature where in the No, No, No pt 1 video.

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