MEAT: (340)

modern-office-designhe wants to see you after a long day at the office…

tumblr_mnaj1jiCFv1rj10aro1_500anything for you baby.
wait a minute.
hold the phone.
is that:

x him

x xrated

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “MEAT: (340)”

  1. I need some advice lately I have not been able to get aroused, I do not what is up. It’s just like I have no sexual appetite anymore, nothing turns me on.

      1. A little over a month now I have not been able to feel horny. I just do not have the urge to want to bust a nut. I think the sex demons may have gotten me b/c my last two encounters have been whack.

        1. ^maybe they turned you off for a while.
          with good reasons.
          wack sex can be the worst especially when you expect greatness.
          just relax and take some time away from random sex.
          maybe you need something more?

      2. Yeah I think I should look for more of a long-term relationship and focus on accomplishing professional goals.

      3. Hmmm. How often do you have sex or get off? I remember one day a while back I busted 5 nuts in a row and I couldn’t get up no more that day. I wore lil man out lmao… I doubt that’s your issue tho. Are you turning straight on us?

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