nathanielnoir has a ratchet twin, i reckon

tumblr_nd4a7xRAZO1rd45ugo6_r1_500….and his name is “question mark”.
one thing i love about nathanielnoir is his class.
his pictures always exude a certain kind of quality to them.
well you always need a ratchet twin to fuck all that up right?
well check out “question mark” and you be the judge

gossetjri’m not even going to hate.
his body looks smashingly good.
he trying to cum real ratchet hard tho.
…i guess for those insta-likes and follows that is.

lowkey: i hope my little nathaniel doesn’t try to one up with ratch.
remember: ratchet is trendy.
it burns out sooner or later.

photos taken: tumblr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “nathanielnoir has a ratchet twin, i reckon”

    1. That is his instagram name as well. He’s a bad lil thing, and he’s a fellow Leo which is a plus for me lol.

  1. Now, that’s an ass. Not a black ass but a very nice ass. From the tumblr page it seems that he’s a mulatto that was born in 1991 so he’s about 23.

  2. I know him from around.

    I’d smash but his attitude is very..meh.

    He’s not fucking with nathanielnoir bodywise or looks wise though.

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