jeffree star adds another bbc to his collection

jeffree star would be the perfect villain in a jordan peele movie tbh.
in my head,
the title of it would be called:


it’d be about a white hyena who get his energy from fuckin’ black males.
he’d drain the very essence that makes being black amazing.
once he does that,
he’d kill them and then move onto the next.
morbid af,
i know,
but sounds like a good ass movie.
well in real life,
jeffree went from andre marhold to another alleged bbc

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nathanielnoir has a ratchet twin, i reckon

tumblr_nd4a7xRAZO1rd45ugo6_r1_500….and his name is “question mark”.
one thing i love about nathanielnoir is his class.
his pictures always exude a certain kind of quality to them.
well you always need a ratchet twin to fuck all that up right?
well check out “question mark” and you be the judge
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Is This Derrick Rose Pretty Twin or Nah?

tumblr_n7zzuzhqPF1s79vi7o2_500he kinda resembles nba baller wolf,
derrick rose.
well to me anyway.

i think its his eyes and cheekbones.
i wouldn’t kick either one out of bed so…

Pre-Baller Wolf, Braxton Miller, Has a Doppleganger

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 10.40.48 AMdop•pel•gäng•er (n) – a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.
they say everyone on earth has a twin.
“yo you look like my cousin,
auntie son…”
ugh don’t you hate that?
well i found braxton miller,
pre-baller wolf for the ohio state buckeyes,
long lost twin in these skreets…
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King James Has A Snow Wolf Twin?

lebron-james-decisionnow you know king james is sensitive about his looks…
so after scandal tonight,
i was flippin through channels to get to the #miamiheat game.
i landed on a ufc match where this snow wolf getting interviewed.
his name is nick fitch and he reminded me of the king.
take a look…
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Jesus Take The Wheel!!!!!

Businessman laying down on white backgroundwhen i tell you i threw up in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!???????
ill be honest and not act like this was my first reaction.
only wshh could conjure up such emotions.
if you have a sensitive stomach,
like i just learned,
please wait for the next entry.
the title of this video:
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