jeffree star adds another bbc to his collection

jeffree star would be the perfect villain in a jordan peele movie tbh.
in my head,
the title of it would be called:


it’d be about a white hyena who get his energy from fuckin’ black males.
he’d drain the very essence that makes being black amazing.
once he does that,
he’d kill them and then move onto the next.
morbid af,
i know,
but sounds like a good ass movie.
well in real life,
jeffree went from andre marhold to another alleged bbc


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Looks like Jeffree got a new lil friend 👀

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x see his IG here

one of my fav f-bi went sleuthing and found his ig.
his handle is “@ochocinowantedme2“…


he is a twin too.
their handle?


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andre is more captivating.
this replacement is basic.
you can find “him” at the bodega standing outside right now.
andre is tall,
a big ass dick,
has sex appeal,
and played ball.

no self-respecting black male is gonna be “andre marhold 2“.
andre marhold shouldn’t have been “andre marhold”.
this all jeffree can get to “claim” him at this point tbh.
even if one is trying to get the bag,
he is gonna be dodging those cameras.
ah well.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “jeffree star adds another bbc to his collection”

  1. I’ll never understand why so many black blogs, websites, and social media pages are giving all this attention, life, and free publicity to a known insidious racist ALL because he’s fucking black men. Yall really have not code. Y’ll really make me sick.

  2. I’ll never understand why so many black blogs, websites, and social media pages are giving all this life, attention, and free publicity to a known insidious racist all because he’s now fucking black men and using them as pets. Yall have no code. Yall really make me sick..

  3. This has light Ed Buck vibes. Gosh, it’s so sad to see these black men with no integrity. The things we’ll do for 15 minutes of fame and a Versace robe.

  4. I’ve about had it with everyone involved. It’s got to be the attention because how does he keep pulling these dudes.

    1. ^money and desperate black males.

      this story is interesting to me because of how layered it is.
      even with this new trend of onlyfans,
      it’s like how low are black folks willing to go since the world has changed so much?

  5. No shade Jamari, but do you find Andre more captivating because he has that “DL appeal” that alot of gays are so drawn too? Is Jeffree’s new thing less desirable because he’s more obvious? Let’s be honest if Andre didn’t have that whole “straight” persona this whole thing wouldn’t even be as big as a scandal. This whole situation is nauseating, people shamelessly let clout prevail over morale. Everybody involved has I’ll motives.

    1. ^he has more personality than this other dude.
      andre has charisma and draws you in.
      this other dude is kinda blah and doesn’t really have anything interesting that makes him stand out.

      and being honest,
      i’m sure the DL appeal is part of andre’s appeal.
      he is a fantasy and a fetish.
      i don’t think it’s a bad thing.
      it’s a reality and an aspect of the gay life.

      1. Nothing about Andre is really attractive, he’s the typical fuckboi and now he just comes across as thirsty as hell. Congrats you got you a furnished AirBnB now at the age of 30!! Like simmer down ma’am after he’s parades around with DUDES not TS women he’s trying to claim str8. Absolutely not a real str8 man would have turned Jeffree down ASAP. After hearing that he left his childs mother and then finding out only has a chime account and he was still using an IPhone 7 was a turn off. A man without ambition is not attractive no matter what’s the appeal.

        1. ^personally,
          i have to disagree on his looks.
          andre is very attractive,
          but his ways are a turn off.
          his character is not attractive,
          but if he was some random trying to get a number,
          i’d give him based off looks.

          he comes off too thirsty tho.
          thats my problem with him.

        2. then finding out only has a chime account and he was still using an IPhone 7 was a turn off

          DAMN! You read Andre his Miranda rights!

        3. YELLING @ “chime account & iPhone 7” LMAOOOOO!!!!

          That aside I do agree with J.
          Andre is attractive, however he acts like a whole bird. The dude is thirsty & it shows more ever since he split with Jeff. He gives me real “himbo” vibes

  6. Yeah, if that is supposed to be the replacement for Andre then that’s definitely a fail…. I wasn’t even crazy about Andre but this new guy is no comparison in my opinion…

  7. Stories of gross rich straight men with proud of it hot girls is too common to be news- but seeing gays do the same is amazing news~ equality even when its bad is still pretty badass. All good reporting it as long as u keep agreeing he is skeletor 😛

  8. I think it’s interesting he removed all his high profile pictures ( wearing all the labels) after all this has leaked. He now is presenting himself as a regular regular. His actions look suspect, he may have other things going on too?

    1. Perfect word! He looks like the type to be on Jacked saying he has 14 inches and only responds to generous and if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense and to stop reporting his pics. Saying money makes him hard. But all of his pics are in a hotel room.

  9. Jeffree Star is worth an estimated $200mil. If he offered to fly me out, I’m going. Y’all are lying if you say you wouldn’t do that same.

    People could talk mess about me, and I’d wipe my tears with my hundreds. Use what you got to get what you want.

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