buck breaking = the process of black male slaves being raped by their slave owners

ever since i read this twitter thread,
i have not been able to stop thinking about it.
it hit me so hard,
i shared it in my foxhole ig stories.
i really appreciated that many
of the foxhole had opinions about it.
lovecraft country” helped shed light on what our ancestors dealt with,
but the extent of what they dealt with is so horrific.
some of the abuse can’t be shown on film,
no matter how much they try to water it down.
this particular meme in the thread made me think about homosexuality in the black community.
it was about “buck breaking” and…

what in theeeeeeeeeeeee entire fuck????
the inhumanity is what makes me want to vomit.
of course,
i went down that rabbit hole online and it disturbed my spirit.
they did this shit notoriously in the caribbean.

i can see why most caribbean folks are so homophobic,
jamaicans being the most notorious for their homophobia.
it was bad in barbados,
but i heard jamaica was on another level.
many of us being dl to hide what our parents tried to beat out of us.
monstrose from “lovecraft country” is a legit perfect example of that abuse.

besides toxic ass christianity,
this is one of the generational curses we have within in our community.
the idea that being gay means you are less than a man is bullshit.
so many weak ass straight black males out here prove that.
some of them carry on like they have a legit pussy.
black vixens be stronger than them too.

the fact gay slave owners did this to emasculate black males,
especially in front of their kids,
who went on to teach their kids to fear what they endured.

Do you realize how all of this abuse was passed down like old clothes and toys?

that is trauma going from generation to generation.
toxic masculinity really makes a lot of sense to me now.
this is why i keep fonting…


we can’t advance as a people,
regardless of community,
because of what we have this heaviness still on our spirits.
our parents have shit passed down from their parents and grandparents.
this is why we all attach ourselves to that toxic christianity for healing.
it’s a whole mess.
this was really eye-opening to me and i wanted to share it on a larger scale.

lowkey: white folks need a whole purge.
its good to see their kids reversing their generational curses too.

x see the whole thread here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “buck breaking = the process of black male slaves being raped by their slave owners”

  1. This is something that our community definitely need to be aware of, so many of us (as in black ppl) live with a generational curse, thank you for having a site that mix entertainment with education

    1. ^you are welcome.

      i want to thank the foxhole for being intelligent in the way everyone does.
      these type of topics get swept under the rug,
      but i really love picking brains for debate.

  2. went to a uncf college, had an afrocentric professor who went to harvard. she broke down black history and the vile abuses of slavery from this (emasculating thru rape, castration or mutilation).., selective breeding (where the strongest n biggest dick male slaves had to fuck everybody including his mother, sisters, etc. to produce offspring for slavery), families torn apart and sold like cattle. some people equate the football combine to an auction block…how high can you jump, how much weight can you pick up, how fast can you run, how many exercises can you do. add the revealing clothes, some white man is getting his rocks off. the teams select the players just like an auction. then there were the racist ads and postcards with slaves with hanging from nooses depicted. runaways had various body parts cut off including genitals,feet, fingers. don’t forget tar n feathering either. the list goes on we all should visit the african american museum in dc in our lifetimes and the lynching project in alabama. the atrocities are simply mindnumbing. white people don’t want to face what they did. the remnants still remain in our dna smdh. they don’t want us to know the real truth about the real atrocities of slavery and their deviant behavior

  3. …this is yet another reason why homophobia runs rampant through the Black community. Years of abuse have our people confusing sexuality with the sick perversions some slave owners had. We need therapy on just being Black alone!

    1. ^omg i was just thinking this.
      we are still holding onto the ideas of what was learned and experienced in slavery.

      imagine if we all got our shit together?
      how powerful we would be?
      this is why i keep saying nothing will get down until it’s from the inside out,
      rather than attacking from the outside in.

  4. I don’t believe Christianity is toxic.for some yes its an individual journey anyway..its an individual experience.its the Oppressors and then White Slave owners. That make toxic the tools they oppress you with. I dont even wanna break out the toxic list…even within our OWN culture, black, gay, straight, family, culture, other religions, business, entertainment.. Gay culture can be toxic as fuck too don’t lie..and the lies we tell our own people to dominate them or to hold them back..to get ahead..yeh US…throw the family in there too. Buck Breaking was just a drop in the bucket of horrors our people went thru.

  5. sadly therapy might not be enough to undo all the damage that has been done to black people in this country and abroad.

  6. Told my nephews sagging didn’t originate in prison although that’s bad enough…but it came from Buck Breaking. One was convinced after reading it himself and the other could give 2 Fucks…if I wanna show my ass ima show it”! type response….typical.

  7. Cav is right. They also made men sleep with their mother on these breeding farms. This is where the term: motherfcker comes from. So many parts of society are tainted by African chattel slavery. This is also how African contraception was found out. When African women weren’t getting pregnant, they probed them to find out why. They would insert oils and stones to cover the cervix and prevent implantation of the egg. Before condoms, vaseline was used. Yes, ask older family members.

  8. There’s a movie in the making by known homophobes Tariq Nasheed, Corey Holcomb, and Bishop Talbert Swan about Buck Breaking, and the comments on their social media’s are DISGUSTING! While we need to learn our history I’m curious as to how this will be used by black people (the most oppressed) to continue to oppress lgbtq black brothers and sisters!

    1. WOW! Aren’t they the types to say we need less movies on slavery and more on our history? Nasheed gives me angry DL honestly.

  9. Wow… this was something I needed to know but didn’t want to know at the same time. Heartbreaking but eye opening. I don’t even know what else to say. But the more you know the better right? 🤦‍♂️

  10. it’s deeper than that, more than likely the majority of the slave owners weren’t gay, they were just rapists and torturers, and it didn’t stop and human penetration, there was full on instruments of torture involved.

  11. Being I am from the Bahamas, I can attest to the reality of how this practice has really served to imprint a negative connotation of queer people in general within the consciousness of the wider community. It is a painful fact that activities such as this has served to traumatize us to the degree that we cannot see gay men in particular as anything more than perpetuators of this kind of spirit. It truly is sad and one that is hard to break for sure.

  12. This just goes to show the lengths to which Black men have been traumatized and abused and continue to be. Don’t let these modern day fake empowerment people tell you Black men are privileged or have it easy, the facts remain Black men are the least advantaged, least supported group in this country. If you put feelings and propaganda aside and look at facts and history this is clear.

  13. I remember us having a discussion similar to this about black people needing to heal together. The things our ancestors went through created a generational curse on us. All that pain, the Murders, depression, breaking down their will to live, breaking down their spirit, the rapes, and more has just been building and building in our bloodlines and haven’t been addressed or attempted to be healed. Yes gay people were around back then, yes slaves were around back then as well but White People took everything to a more sadistic, morbid and horrific level to gain power, keep that power and continuously keep everyone at the bottom so they can have the wealth, our magic, our hard work and reap the benefits and rewards from it. None of these movies and tv shows can ever equate to the horrific things that went on back then. They have to water it down and even then what they show is still bad and infuriating.

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