it’s the girth that will have you crying out to Jesus of Latter-day Saints

*the entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i can deal with a 7 or 8.
you know i’m not a size fox.
i find length not to be too much of an issue,
but that girth on them 7s and 8s is usually the cheek killer.
it’s the type that when he enters me,
my walls expand in ways i’m not used to.
when he starts stroking me to death,
thats when i really feel it.
i gotta smoke,
and hold Jesus by the hand.
by the time he is deep inside my good stuff,
i don’t even want him to move.

That is the type of pipe Andre Marhold is carrying.

he was feeling petty and posted this on his official twitter…


that is a beautiful pipe to admire.
that vein >>>
it’s thick and that mushroom head is a treat.


one night,
out of curiosity and extreme horniness,
i might feel adventurous to sit on it.
the way i tease wolves i’m sexually attracted to tho…

^that’s how they are after accessing the damages.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “it’s the girth that will have you crying out to Jesus of Latter-day Saints”

  1. 😳😳

    Bless y’all foxes with y’all deep holes, cuz Iont where he’d put that thing.

    I know I’m a wolf, cuz IKYFL. And I wonder if he knows how to use it or just pounds mercilessly. Whole insides being shifted. Bless.

  2. No thanks. I’ll leave that to yall. I don’t want anything where dick enters my ass & cums out my throat.

  3. The bigger the meat, the fatter the cheeks, the more STDs I see. They look nice. Somebody sampled. I like guys who are just okay and lay in the cut. Out here showing it for everyone, but everyone’s had a taste. No bueno.

  4. you can handle it Jamar you just gotta buy a bootyhole dilator. I figure thats why so many bottoms are able to take those 11 inch cocks so easily. i just found out about them a few days ago. i was curious so i went googling after seeing a video of a man riding horse dick dildo like it was nothing.

    the bootyhole dilators were originally created for medical reasons but you know humans is nasty.

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