king agu has been casted in the new role of attentionisto?

*the following has been rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

king agu has really jumped out of the closet,
i have this thing that when you’re known for being mysterious,
you should give a little but still keep things lowkey.
imagine beyonce deciding to wake up one day and say:

“Fuck this!
Ima be an attentionista going forward!”

i’d be turned tf off.
some folks truly do better being a mystery.
it adds to their hype even if they’re wack or boring af.
even tho we have seen agu naked af,
there was still this mystery about him that was really sexy.
ever since he got with his new boo,

i was really attracted to him when he was just a cock tease.
these days,
he is giving us the whole dick with ( x this ).
i was interested in how someone is ( x gonna take that penis ) tho.
it seems he can’t do much but lay there and let you control the ride.
even tho,
you’d wanna see what them strokes be like when you look like this…

to me,
the fantasy is what really pushes some of these folks tbh.
it’s like movie stars.
they give the audience a certain amount of distance,
but the fantasy is we don’t truly know them outside their work.
social media has killed that for many.
people hype them up out their privacy only to turn on than later.
that fame is a drug that many can’t resist once it happens.
a majority still know how to keep us interested in their elusion tho.
agu is still sexy af,
but he’s doing too much and it has left me in confusion.

21 thoughts on “king agu has been casted in the new role of attentionisto?

  1. Andre got an onlyfans to stay relevant because after the Jeffree Star fling he dying off. Who cares about what happened now! Now that he got an onlyfans, so who you gon fuck next because my money on Bobby Lytes going for it seeing how he wants to be an Off-Season porn star of Love & Hip-Hop. Zell Swag failing real bad fucking porn stars only to boost their shit up. Acting like a bottom but topping people, Zell need to have several seats. Instead of moving on and keeping his day job relevant, he resorts to keeping his night job relevant which ain’t all that.

    1. “acting like a bottom but topping people” I know thats right LMAOO

      These Love & Hip Hop people really showing their asses out here, yikes. Pun intended

  2. Im confused. Y’all want Jamari to post about these types of dudes but soon as he give his personal opinion he is inconsistent with what he want. What does Jamari personal opinion have to do with making a post? That’s what a blogger does. Jamari has ALWAYS been consistent about not taking dicks of their sizes and saying that you don’t have to do the whole Onlyfans to keep your fans. That is doing too much if you have never done it and been against it. Now that your following is dying, you go and do and Onlyfans only to show you naked or beating off. People do that on twitter on a daily basis, why would I pay to follow you on onlyfans and you not doing nothing. You doing too much to be relevant.

  3. The dick is nice. Why not join the rest of the people who are starting the Only Fans page. I don’t see no reason why. Make the money!!!

  4. Jamari, you need a dominant, decisive man.

    First you were turned off by Andre because he had Jeffree juice residue.

    Now you want to lick that corny stick.

    But in same breath say this guy is showing too much.

    You’re all over the place and need to be pinned down so you can’t run.

    1. ^ when did i say i wanted to suck andre’s dick?
      my general statement wasn’t about him.
      and yes,
      agu is doing too much.

      thank you for being so observant.
      i appreciate you.

      1. personally,
        that is a beautiful pipe to admire.
        that vein >>>
        it’s thick and that mushroom head is a treat.
        MOUTH ONLY
        one night,
        out of curiosity and extreme horniness,
        i might feel adventurous to sit on it.

        1. ^i’m not in the best of moods tonight,
          but ill keep it short.

          i was speaking in general,
          but going forward,
          i’ll make sure to mention that in following entries.
          i don’t want you to misconstrued how i font.

          1. But he’s telling the truth. You post incessantly about a guy who’s only claim to fame is fucking a racist. Fawning over his dick size and comparing him to that piece of shits current leased bbc. Yet you’re wagging your finger at Agu for “doing too much?” Girl if you gonna objectify these vapid, shallow niggas, at least be consistent.

          2. Y’all Gays need to stop trying to police how these grown ass men get they coins….you have a bunch nasty sissies with Onlyfans fucking and sucking raw dick everywhere but being pressed over your fave attentionistos for riding a wave. They will never give y’all the time of day anyway, so just enjoy the site and keep it moving. They are IG Eye Candies do what IG Eye Candies do…. Judgement free zone over here.

  5. His dick is still beautiful tho! other news, I’d discover more guys on social media getting onlyfans, such and Keith of K00lkeith and Verowells both having only fans respectively, k00lkeith87 and verowells69

    1. There’s another Vero guy that has an onlyfans too. His name on IG is j2thevero and his onlyfans name is j2thecar

  6. ever since that photo got leaked from his timeline with his bae he’s been more open and out there. i guess he is saying fuck it now. he might as well cash in like the rest. they all have expiration dates you know. hit the fyre while you hot because you bound to go cold. everything young gets old you know.

  7. I honestly don’t think he’s gay. I think he just playing that part to get the gay guys to subscribe because he knows that’s where the money is.

    1. Not true. He’s been in a long term relationship for a while before he got with this Joey dude. Agu is on the team lol.

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