andrew gillum is about to be inside our ears with the quiet storm dj vocals

andrew gillum needed something to do.
i mean,
the hype has gone down since he has spoken about his situation.
he seems to be finding a new career path in…


“Real Talk with Andrew Gillum” on Quake Media

is this gonna be available on spotify and apple music?
it might not be a good idea to keep it on one platform.
andrew gillum is like a tv show character to me.

“A black politician who had it all,
thrown to the depts of hell due to a scandal….”

the first season is about his fall.
the second season is the start of his rise and bringing others down.
that is andrew gillum sans bringing those down (maybe?).
i’m not gonna condemn him to a life of shame tho.
we have forgiven others for much worse.
i think he needs a new start in something besides politics.
this could be it.

I do think he would have done Florida better than the current moron who runs that state tho.

it looks like the other part of the scandal has found something to do too.

( x see what he is doing now )

he can eat up some black penis,
can’t he?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “andrew gillum is about to be inside our ears with the quiet storm dj vocals”

    1. I admire his resilience. Most men Black…white…red…Brown would have went in hiding…ie Matt Lauer as an example but Mr. Gillium is shaking the dust off his shoes and getting back to life.
      The hell with what people will say..they going to talk about you anyway so?????
      It takes a strong individual to comeback after being knocked down whether by ones own hands or with the help of others.
      Stand Tall Mr. Gillium you got my vote!

  1. Just to leave his wife and break the internet with an OnlyFans that only has Black sex partners. A man can dream….

  2. Hmm. I wonder if he’ll cover topics of sexuality and just how much will he live in his bisexual truth.

    Looks like the other part of the scandal is NYC this week and is quite available. ☕️ 🐸

  3. Yes, I wish him well. The journey of finding yourself as a Black man is hard enough. Now add being black and bi-sexual or gay is even harder. It is amazing how ALL black gay men navigate and thrive. Got to send love out to this man. He is special. I think now he realizes you have vultures and low lifes in the gay community as well as the straight community. Pick your friends with scrutiny and deal with folks that have just as much to lose as you.

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