so tyler posey never slept with a dude, gave head, but hooked up with another male? (huh?)

like that last entry,
celebrities are only good as their last scandals.
it’s not unusual for us to like some drama in our celebs.
it sells books and movies,
but it also creates real-life characters that make us watch their every move.
believe it or not,
trump has mastered the art of it.
tyler posey,
who i didn’t even realize was the kid in “maid in manhattan” with jlo:

…and starred in mtv’s “teen wolf”,
has decided to jump the shark apparently.
he recently came out as pansexual in an interview:


but then he went here

so he never fucked another male,
but they gave each other head?
he has hooked up with males,
 never slept with one,
yet he was fucked with a dildo and strapped up before…

something is off in all this oversharing,
but it seems this has really kickstarted a new “character” for him.
sometime ago,
he must have jumped out his sleep and said:

“Fuck this,
Ima be “The Bad Boy” and see where this takes me.”

i’ve never followed his career so this could all be normal.
now i’m all for reinvention and being “bad”,
but i hope he doesn’t lose himself in the process.
he already has ( x an onlyfans ) so this show might get real interesting too.

lowkey: i don’t know the backgroudn of this gif,
but tyler looks like he wants to fuck dude absolutely stupid…

…but white males do suspect shit being “bros” that black males could never do.

check out his onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “so tyler posey never slept with a dude, gave head, but hooked up with another male? (huh?)”

      1. Yes Lord…You Tube some Teen Wolf episodes with him and you will totally see the change. Boy had the cutest little body.
        Would have totally hit that back in the day.

  1. This is totally in character for him. I never considered him white, though. He appears to be a sweet little freak.

  2. This is par for course for Tyler. I’ve always thought he was cute. He plays a gay guy on this show called Now Apocalypse on STARZ. Tyler is spicy White (half Mexican)

  3. I didn’t realize he was still a thing. Haven’t seen much of him since he stopped queer-baiting on teen wolf.

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