when you’re caught getting that big mack truck being parked in your parking garage for onlyfans

when i think of social media,
i always think of the movie,

If your name isn’t in the papers,
you’re pretty much a nobody.

you have to keep reinventing and causing scandal to stay a household name.
because everyone is broke,
and in need of new ways to spice up “celebrity”,
there is this recent social media competition of:

Guess How and Where I Can Fuck!

with the surge in onlyfans,
the attentionisto’s sex drives are racing like lewis hamilton at a f1 tournament.
onlyfans and pornstar,
wanted to give us public sex for his onyfans.
he tried it in a parking garage with @jenasysbro.

it’s the facial expression when he was pulling up his pants for me.

he better be glad that cop was feeling nice that day in letting them go.
not only would have they been fined out the ass,
no pun intended,
but they both coulda been thrown in jail for the year.

who wants that especially during The Ro-Ro?

can we blame them tho?
we live in a society where everyone is in competition on social media.
we are only as good as our last posts.
in 2020,
we are only as good as our last nudes.
if you aren’t fuckin’ in spectacular ways on onlyfans,
you are legit boring your only fans.
in case you’re wondering,
that didn’t stop holliwud from getting his cheeks clapped.

x see that: here | here

the (sex) show must go on.

14 thoughts on “when you’re caught getting that big mack truck being parked in your parking garage for onlyfans

  1. He probably watched from afar first. Lol Would’ve made an absolute great onlyfans or tiktok if the policeman had joined in!!!

  2. I thought that fool Holliwudd got busted once before this incident?! If a kid walk in in that, game over!

  3. I have nothing against sex workers, but performing these acts in public is trash and they need to be put in prison not jail. Now in this instance, no children were around but I’ve seen worse too. The excuse can’t be that public play makes them more money either because if your content is popping, the money will pour in regardless of where you are.

  4. 2020 is like the hunger games I tell you everyone on social media is like let me show you how low I can drop the bar when it comes self dignity. I saw video a of a guy who got shot twice in the stomach in the videos he says “ put this on my tick tock story bro” to his friend instead of asking him to drive him to the hospital it is madness on another level

  5. this was risky af and really could’ve ended badly for them.

    with that said, i’m not gonna lie it would’ve been hot af if the officer would’ve joined in on the action lol.

    but i guess that’s only in the movies.

  6. So they’ll go to jail but also register as a sex offender in certain states And that’s sticks with you for life and hinder you from any and everything in life, a quick nut and couple dollars is NOT WORTH IT!!

  7. I just hope and pray that these folks are investing their Onlyfans bread and at least buy a house or something tangible to last them for years. Also does everyone fuck everyone raw? At least the porn studios request testing prior to the scenes, onlyfans though is like a heightened amateur porn. Let me mind my business. I just have read too many horror stories of the industry and how they exploit underage Men. Many of these Black porn actors aren’t even 18 at the time they film their initial film.

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