so i watched the “lovecraft country” season finale and well…

lovecraft country” was an experience.
i’ve been blown away with this series.
i’m sure i got almost everyone i know into it,
even though explaining what the show was about was hard af.

its about aliens,

and white vixens shedding skin into black vixens!
It’s so dope!
You gotta check it out!”

uh huh.
tonight was the season finale and well…
( with spoilers )…

even tho i was bawling and screaming at my tv…

I was left kinda confused

i’m like is that it?
all that epicness and the season finale fell kinda flat?
is ruby dead?

Is Tic,
and those amazing biceps of his…

…dead too?

is there gonna be a season 2?
that didn’t end like there was gonna be a season 2.
it felt like that was pretty much it.

Am I the only one who feels the same?

lowkey: they might do new stories,
although i’d love to see more jonathan majors on my tv screen.

he is my official black wolf acting crush.

18 thoughts on “so i watched the “lovecraft country” season finale and well…

  1. I think Lovecraft country didn’t land the plane and bring the story home and I think a lot of the writing in television and movies over the past 10 years suffers from the same problem.

    At the end of the day the ending did not make any sense. The Freeman’s had the magic book, they had the power and knowledge of the ancestors, they had multiverse time machine, they had knowledge of the future in the book that the son wrote, they had Hippolyta who had become an experienced scientific genius/warrior queen and with all the tools at there disposal that’s the best plan/lack of a plan they could come up with?

    The issue is that the series didn’t really address the issue of Fate/Destiny and if you could choose your own. Fate/Destiny is the only thing that could even come close to addressing the ending but the series never addressed it maybe only casually in what was probably the best episode of the season with “ Rewind 1921” where they go back to the Tulsa Riots.
    I do think the series was good and I think the actors did an excellent job I just think sometimes you have to have a better understanding of the source material

    Side note: I liked Tic’s character but that whole Korean war episode, in my opinion kind of made him no better than the villains he was facing and I don’t think the idea of “I was just following orders” justifies your actions.

    1. You’re absolutely right!! All the knowledge they had and the ancestors best answer was for him to die? Like, make it make sense… like Everyone transformed except Montrose in my opinion and that was the best y’all can do? And y’all left Dee alone and ignored again.

  2. I’ve not watched the finale as I read this post (spoilers don’t diminish interest for me), BUT I couldn’t imagine where they could go this fast after the last few episodes. If the episode itself is a little underwhelming I won’t be upset because they have given us so much greatness leading up to it. Everybody falters a little sometime, lol.

    I DO HOPE there is a season 2. And as far as losing Tic, I will be sad to not see him BUT this time last year I didn’t know a “Tic” existed so I’m sure there are other characters (and actors) from the fertile imagination of Misha Green that we can fall in love with in a science fiction/horror/race relations/feminism/sexuality (whew, that’s a lot) framework.

    I will be waiting the chance to purchase season 1 on DVD!

  3. It definitely was anti-climatic and left me upset with the season finale. We had all of this buildup and it fell flat in the end. They had this story arc about how black girls are often left ignored and that’s why what happened to Dee happened. But, y’all leave her by herself again and you’re not watching her or keeping tabs on where she is at? Make it make sense. So much has went unanswered and wasn’t even remotely touched on, in the slightest. The ancestors of Tic was nice but I felt like there was more to say from them…

    1. ^ i feel like once we get the breakdown and think pieces from conscious black america,
      it will make sense.
      i feel there are a lot of things they might have gone over my head but i need to be guided to the hidden meanings.

      that line about white people losing their magic tho.
      why did that feel like it happened for real last night?
      a legit spell was casted? lol

      1. Jamari, I really hope that’s the case because they need to be closed off to it effective immediately. Binded so they can’t do harm no longer. I’m definitely going to watch the episode again. It just felt rushed to me and Dee’s arm was an afterthought lol. I guess I’ll listen to the podcast today and see what they have to say as well.. but I’m definitely hoping conscious black Twitter and America can speak about their theories

        1. Actually Dee’s arm isn’t an afterthought ,she the woman with the robotic hand that sent tic back to his timeline,he said white people were rioting and a woman (with the robotic hand) pushed him back to the time “tear”
          Plus I’m wondering if the whites were rioting because they became the oppressed ones by losing their magic (thanks to Leti) hence why Tic saw that in the future

          1. To me it seemed like an afterthought. Because the spell Christina did cleared Dee of that virus/curse working on her. So I would think with the book of names and with Tic, Leti and his ancestors doing what they did that would’ve cleared all harm done to her. I get what they were trying to do.. but who in the 1950’s was walking around with a robotic arm and blue hair? It’s like they were in the writing room writhing and then was like oh we forgot Tic mentioned this woman with the robotic arm that pushed him back to the present and ensured that Dee had the robotic arm that she somehow knows how to work and use so fast. Now if the white people were rioting about that in the future, that would bring joy to my soul lmao! I wonder if a second season will come and address it like that

  4. I definitely loved it and the way it left off with a few unanswered there will probably be a season 2. They never advertised it as a limited series either and they kept saying SEASON finale. Not series finale. We’ll see tho

      1. mannn… they deserve an awards sweep!!! But some dumb white show will come along and they’ll forget. 2 words, “Schitt’s creek”

        1. Either that or…they’ll dominate in all the nominated award categories like “Watchmen” did and those same ticked off white folks will have a racial hissyfit about it and bitch, bitch, bitch!!!

    1. ^ that fight scene with leti and fake ruby was INTENSE!
      i hate she in a coma.

      jonathan majors tho….
      he better be bringing his fine ass back!!!!

  5. Chile, it was definitely…an experience. Smh. Journee hinted that there will be a second season, so I don’t know. HBO better not drop the ball though.

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