This Is Just A “THANK YOU” Note To You Who Donated To Me

so i want to give a big thanks to someone…

one of the foxholers sent me cash in my tip jar ——>
i’m very appreciative for the love you sent me a few days ago.
it’s crazy how i prayed for money to come my way and…

…he delivered via the foxhole.
i don’t want the foxholers who donated to think i’m ungrateful.
i don’t have an option to send a huge “THANK YOU” when i get donations,
but this entry is too just that.
God and The Universe come right on time for a fox.
i want to thank any and everyone who has sent me a donation as well.
i get it when you send it through the tip jar and it’s always appreciated.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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