An iPhone Was Rebuilt On The 4th (Again)

*today started out so annoying.
i had no plans for the 4th anyway.
i’ve kinda cut myself off due to all my employment issues.

so my iPhone has been acting up.
heavy and disrespectful like.
the battery literally drains by the second.
i can be on my phone for a little bit and i’m down almost 20%.
it never did that before.
not to mention it gets warm on some completely random shit.
after that last update,
it’s like all hell broke loose.
whats up?
so i was all expecting either a new battery or whole new phone.
the latter actually.
well the apple store told me otherwise this morning…

they did a diagnostic test and everything came back normal.

no battery issues
no hardware drama

…so wtf?
the thick wolf with the nice eyes who helped me said i had to do a wipe.
another fuckin’ system restore where i gotta set it up as a new phone.

i may have have downloaded the update wrong and it was causing an issue.
i did that shit twice already.
this would be the third.
that means downloading apps,
organizing them in order/folders,
and remembering passwords.
that shit is tedious af.

i ended up letting him wipe it

he was doing a lot of eye contact as he spoke to me.
there was nothing special about him lookswise,
but i would let him take me down.

vulnerability leads to sexual attraction

so i came home,
watched a “the fate and the furious”,
and started to rebuild my technological life again.
btw: that movie was so good.
my iphone seems to be working fine now.
well let’s hope.
once i go outside to chill
i’ll see what’s up.

3 thoughts on “An iPhone Was Rebuilt On The 4th (Again)

  1. Do you have the ICloud backup? I had to completely restart mines but part of the reboot, I had the ICloud backup and put everything back in order from Apps, acesss, etc.

    1. ^yeah!

      but he said if the software is corrupt,
      it could be in the backup.
      so that’s why i had to do it again.
      he had to do a copy from their computer!

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