The Mixxy of Deven?

someone sent me an email about ^this one.
so i’m not with the mixxy shits.
i never understood why alleged dl wolves hung with the mixxy messy crowd.
name in social media likes?
it seems like the easiest way for your business to be out there.
so like i fonted at the beginning,
an f-bi emailed me about a attentionisto named deven

apparently he was allegedly caught up over this weekend.
his alleged nudes leaked and were accessible for a price on snapchat.
i got the email asking if i wanted to see them.
so as the story goes,
a jackal put them ended up on IG and deven was exposed.
“gayofdeven” it was allegedly titled.
the baiters can’t be blamed if he was dumb enough to fall for it.
worst off,
the jackals allegedly tagged deven’s family to see what was happening.

i don’t know much about deven,
but i was told he is trying to be a nba baller wolf.

i don’t think he’s in college.
does he feel his “presence” will get him drafted?
unless he is a beast with the ball…

i only know of him because they go crazy for him on tumblr.
he gets constant “is he/isn’t he?” notes regarding his sexuality.
i never heard/saw/read about how he balls.
he isn’t that attractive for all this rah rah.
if he was so focused on nba goals,
this shouldn’t be happening:

why am i seeing your tail in a video circulating online?
he looks like he didn’t even know he was being taped.
are they taking advantage of this attentionisto?
i’m confused at this whole thing.

he got what he subconsciously wanted tho.
i wrote about him so it might be working.
i know being mixxy is good when you mixxing in the right crowds.
networking with those “behind the ropes” to get you where you need to be.
i feel deven’s sex tape is gonna be next tho.
if that happens…

What’s next?

lowkey: he hangs with…

what’s the deal with this attentionisto?
i know one of ya’ll know…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “The Mixxy of Deven?”

  1. bbsincethe90s on snapchat has posted him getting smashed by a dude and jacking

  2. I don’t care what others think about him and I agree he’s not it but I find him very sexy!

    1. him filming him sleeping is actually creepy as fuck like don’t do shit like that to people and then share it w/ the world.

  3. I agree. Foxes who want wolves and hybrids to lust over (especially on IG) are about the body and the eggplant; the face and the personality can be nonexistent.

    If Deven wanted to smash, I would. However, I’m intrigued by the baby mama aspect.

  4. He not THAT cute (I don’t find him particularly bad looking either) but he gots two things going for him that sum young gays rage over: light skin and a ripped body….You could look like a bridge troll or like you git hit in the face with a heavy bag of hot nickles…They don’t care, legs go up in the air…

    And to answer your question, yes he does look like a muppet…If you need muppet receipts, just look for Beaker, Dr. Bunsen’s assistant.

    1. Sorry about that double post Jamari….Something went awall on my phone when I was talking bout him…I better be careful… Attentionisto voodoo

  5. He is kinda attractive, but I do not get the type about him tho. As a a few have said, the body is getting him really far if anything. These dudes are becoming one in the same to me tho.

  6. He not THAT cute but has two things going for him that sum young gays rage over: light skin and body….You could look like a bridge troll by the face…They don’t care, legs go up in the air…

    And to answer your question, yes he does look like a muppet…If you need muppet receipts, just look for Beaker, Dr. Bunsen’s assistant.

  7. I think he (Deven) wants the fame but is not mature and reponsible to handle it. Vixens may have it easier than foxes, wolves, and hybrids. These foxes, wolves, and hybrids need guidance and proper mentoring. They don’t know how to maneuver through certain situations and what to post or not to post.

  8. I tell people all the time that he not even cute but supposedly their expose him because he said he wasn’t gay and allegedly as baby mama and the person who made the page stared to tag his all his friends his mother and his allegedly baby mama and person who put out the nudes as stop because of the person that made the Instagram.

  9. I have never understood why attentionistos get any traction from people. At the most, I see their pictures and then I move on. But I have to ask why is he receiving ire from practically everyone around here? Has he committed a crime or perpetrated a vile or disgusting act against anyone? I don’t get the fuss over him. All of this criticism makes no sense. If you don’t like him, then move on.

    1. I agree, Devin is a teenager,he just turned 19 on March 31st.He graduated high school last year.Yes he is immature,self absorbed,etc as many teens are.If he was 30 maybe I would be more critical.Some people find him attractive,some don’t but I am puzzled why some people are acting like he is so hideous or horrible.To my knowledge he doesn’t have a criminal record.He is close to his mom who raised him as a single mom,he has talked about having a difficult childhood(poverty) and he is trying to improve their lives.

      Some people (mostly teen girls in his comments) seem to find him attractive.He seems harmless to me.😀

  10. It’s so weird to see him on IG working out in LA and “living the life” (hiring a stylist, mgr, trainer, going to premieres, fashion shows , etc) but for what?? That kind of activity does not get you drafted. Being an attention seeker doesn’t propel a basketball career because it’s totally based on TALENT. I have yet to see him on the court tearing it up. And I wonder if he is so good why didn’t he go to a college with a great basketball program? Isn’t that a great way to get and education (to have something to fall back on) and get recognized for your talents on the court?

  11. Um, sorry but he’s only good looking from the neck down. lol He doesnt have a cute face.

  12. I have been seeing this dude on TUMBLR and people going crazy for him, and I am so lost and confused, it is nothing cute about this dude at all. I was thinking maybe he was in some boy group or something, I never took the time to even research him. Hell he needs to call GEICO Insurance and ask can he double as their mascot for a little money and fame, it wouldnt take much to make him the human version because he looks like just like the cartoon version. It seems that if you are light skin and a 6-pack no matter how unattractive you are, you will become a TUMBLR Supastar.

  13. Omg i thought i was the only one! I ain’t never got da hype over Deven and he’s always popping up on my IG timeline, his body is A1 but he has the face of a Muppet. But of course when you light skinned does it really matter lol smh.

    1. I could actually see him being a muppet but I always got like caveman or like he’d be in dinosaurs from that 90s show dinosaurs.

  14. He is young and typical basketball body. I think this younger generation following the 25+ are concerned about their bodies and no face and personality. I don’t find him as I would fight for fine. I think IGs have all these bodies now, you can find what you want in your city or accidentally in your time line.

  15. Basically he was a basketball prospect who become an attentionisto when those prospects went out of the window. But he only show a little promise in I think his sophomore year because most of what you find on Google is about is IG fame.

  16. Yea. He’s always working out and showing his print in white tights. The tights look like they have “that” smell. All those workouts and I have yet to see a video of him balling. And he certainly isn’t cute. Maybe by mom standards.

  17. Glad im not the only person that doesn’t see the attraction. He’s not ugly but he’s not giving me fiiiiiiine.

    He seems like an attention seeker from the videos & pics a lot of the gays share.

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