32/40 (Normani Kordei)

i did it.
i remembered to watch “dwts” last night.
i caught normani from fourth harmony’s routine.


nailed it!!!
she has been in japan with fourth harmony and doing this show as well.
you can’t even tell.
well she got a 32/40 from the judges.
that was the highest score of the night…

… until she had competition.
rashad jennings,
nfl baller wolf,
did this:

…and ended up getting the same score as well.
i thought his dance was hot af.
he even incorporated his “#shadthepoet” snapchat routine before they started dancing.
this is looking to be a real good season.

lowkey: “big bunz” did good with charo…

who am i kidding?
i was just looking at his tail in the red pants.

Author: jamari fox

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