Kellen Wilson Jr Is Getting Drafted To The CBD (Cell Block D)

ex baller wolf,
kellen winslow jr,
use to be so sexy to me when he was in the league….

…but now that he’ s out of the league,
he is about to go to jail for life.

and sodomy.
this is what “tmz sports”had to font…

Officials say Winslow is being charged with 9 criminal charges including kidnapping with intent to commit rape, forcible rape, forcible sodomy, burglary, indecent exposure and more. 

Here are the charges in total: 

— 2 counts of kidnapping with intent to commit rape
— 2 counts of forcible rape
— 1 count of forcible sodomy 
— 1 count of forcible oral copulation 
— 2 counts of residential burglary
— 1 count of indecent exposure.

If convicted on all charges, he faces LIFE in prison. 

Officials tell TMZ Sports … Winslow was arrested by the Sheriff’s Major Crimes Division at 1:05 PM on Thursday. 

He’s being booked into custody at the Vista Detention Facility — a county jail in San Diego. 

Officials say a search warrant has been executed for Kellen’s home. 

in the ever loving fuck?
last week,
he was arrested for ( x allegedly breaking into a mobile home ).

it was for felony burglary.
wtf is going on with this one?
he has always been allegedly troubled tho.
from the ( x jackin off in the target parking lot ) and then this:

some of the fine ones are always so “tick tick boom”.

lowkey: he use to have a fat baller wolf tail back then too.
per his ( x instagram ),
he was trying to get on another team.

that’s looking like a dub.

article cc: tmz sports

16 thoughts on “Kellen Wilson Jr Is Getting Drafted To The CBD (Cell Block D)

  1. Look at the ages of these alleged victims, 54 ,59,71, and 81. Something is definitely wrong here..

  2. Speak on it. Tajan has a point with their post. Also, he looks dangerous alright. Like the kind of man that will kill you, set you on fire and dump your body in river.

  3. Forgot about this dude, but used to think he was oh so sexy in his playing days, very easy on the eyes. He has always had a life of privilege, his father played in the NFL so I am sure he is a spoiled brat who has probably done a lot worse through the years but never got caught or it was swept under the rug. I remember football players in college who raped girls, shoplifted, stole cars, and all sorts of foul shit that was never exposed and covered up. I guess one day you eventually have to pay like Darren Sharper. Hell if he gets a good high price attorney, he will probably get out of all of this. Celebrity and money has its advantages in our criminal justice system.

  4. His elevator don’t reach the penthouse.

    He’s sexy and could have done anything. You wanna rape? Nah, he’s an entire dub.

    Anybody got a video of him jerking off tho?

    1. ^LOL

      he seems like he is off from even before this.
      he use to hang tough with someone.
      i think it was braylon,
      but i can’t remember…

      1. He’s always had anger issues, even back in his college playing days.
        Sad that these guys get coddled and their issues don’t get addressed while they’re playing and prominent in the public. When they’re no longer playing, have no backup plan (outside of sports commentator), they don’t know what to do with themselves…and they end up doing stupid shyt.

        If I remember correctly, he also had either a car or motorcycle accident. Perhaps he has/had an addiction that wasn’t addressed. Why would he break into someone’s TRAILER?! THAT sounds fishy/suspect as hell.

  5. I hope they throw away the fucking keys. Nigga is using that white lady and its now affecting his head. Dumb fuck he is

  6. Smh. I bet his attorney will say he didn’t know he committed all these crimes because he has a head injury from years of playing football.

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