a 12 year old put the alleged moves on justin crawford (he couldn’t resist)

i’ve been sent some stories that i’m often left going:


i’ll add this one to the many.
ex baller hyena,
by the name of justin crawford,
was allegedly caught in a compromising situation today.
one with a 12 year old.
this is the story via “tmz”
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Kellen Wilson Jr Is Getting Drafted To The CBD (Cell Block D)

ex baller wolf,
kellen winslow jr,
use to be so sexy to me when he was in the league….

…but now that he’ s out of the league,
he is about to go to jail for life.

and sodomy.
this is what “tmz sports”had to font…

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The Graduate Jackal With The Passion For Rape and Sodomy

he looks fuckin scary.
everyone look at devonta bagley.
don’t meet him; run.

so he graduated from kansas state,
but now he’ll be transferring at top honors to cell block “d”.
he is a whole alleged rapist out in these forests.
foxholers and vix-bi alike wanted the foxhole to peep this…
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Night Night! Keep Your Butt Hole Tight!

“A California teenager appearing in court for allegedly sodomizing two students in separate incidents yelled “get me out of here” as he was led away from his family by bailiffs. Fernando Salgado was one of four students at A.B. Miller High School, in Fontana, Calif., arrested in the attempted sodomy of another student with steel rebar while the other three – all minors – allegedly held the boy down and removed his pants, reported KTLA. Another incident took place June 14 involving three students who allegedly held down another boy while Salgado attempted to sodomize him with a wooden broom handle, according to KTLA. “The allegations are something that have been just gut-wrenching for us,” Fontana Unified School District Superintendent Cali Olsen-Binks told the station. Salgado, 18, pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of sexual penetration and false imprisonment while sobbing in front of his family. Eventually he became so upset he jostled bailiffs before being physically restrained and led out of the courtroom. The judge and lawyers left the room as bailiffs dimmed the lights and also escorted Salgado’s family out of the courtroom, with his sister shouting, “What if that was your son?” the San Bernadino Sun reported. The alleged incidents both took place in the same summer school masonry class taught by Emmanuel Delarosa” – NY Daily News


He wasn’t sobbing when he shoved that metal pipe in his classmate’s ass…

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