a 12 year old put the alleged moves on justin crawford (he couldn’t resist)

i’ve been sent some stories that i’m often left going:


i’ll add this one to the many.
ex baller hyena,
by the name of justin crawford,
was allegedly caught in a compromising situation today.
one with a 12 year old.
this is the story via “tmz”

Justin Crawford— the former West Virginia star running back — has been arrested in Georgia on some pretty disgusting charges, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Officials confirm … the 23-year-old is facing charges of incest, child molestation sodomy and enticing a child for indecent purpose, all felonies. 

Prosecutors say Crawford’s victim is a 12-year-old girl. 

Officials say Crawford’s wife caught the football star in a sexual situation with the victim around 5 AM on Saturday morning. 

When pressed by investigators, officials say Crawford eventually admitted having sexual intercourse and oral sex with the girl — and said it was her idea. 

The girl told investigators she was asleep in the living room when Crawford began to sexually assault her. 

A rape kit was later administered on the girl. 

Crawford is currently behind bars — being held without bond. 

“it was her idea…”?

the fact that he allegedly admitted that shit.
i mean he looks a little off:

he has like two sons too.
they’re without a father and maybe that’s for the best.
someone in his older comments fonted that this was ‘his year’.
i don’t think this was what they had in mind.

lowkey: i’m disgusted with the entire story.
i hope folks don’t blame that 12 year old.
you know how folks were going hard for r kelly.

“well she was acting fast so…”

i was disgusted with those excuses too.

article cc: tmz

7 thoughts on “a 12 year old put the alleged moves on justin crawford (he couldn’t resist)

  1. I understand the sickness in this case and weather it was her idea or not its all just totally disgusting & he should definitely be hung! BUT lets not act like these 12 year old girls these days aren’t hot in the ass & too grown for their own good, I just read an article about a pregnant 12 year old.

  2. Okay. Well he looks very predatory in the face. He might also be kinda slow

    Both of them need they tails whooped, him and the girl.

    Ain’t no telling these days. Don’t act like these young folks don’t be have sex & doing stuff. His behavior was unacceptable. Probably wasn’t his first time.

    In this case, judging bt his face, he coaxed her into it & didn’t expect to get caught.

  3. First, I need this mouth breather and air bandit to drink some water and wipe off that mouth paste from the lack thereof…yeeeyuck!

    Secondly, he should start stretching, cause his ass is bout to get worn’tout!

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