kingbach might be packing that kingsalami

i always thought youtuber,
was cute.
he’s better looking in motion tho.

i don’t think pics give his looks justice.
well did ya know he’s packing that kingsteel too?
i didn’t know either until this recent skit on his ig…

even tho the other brotha wolf is cute,
that vixen  may have made the right decision in her thotness.

is he giving that meat to black vixens?
i heard he is one of the typical la black males.
you know the types.
if it ain’t exxxotical or white then it ain’t right.
let’s hope he isn’t on that wave.

video cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “kingbach might be packing that kingsalami”

      1. I get “light skints or white girls maybe even latin only” vibes but damn he got body now I see it. Like he didn’t have ass none of that last I checked.

  1. Wow, you’re so correct about the “in motion” part, cause idk him and judging by the first pic alone, I was like, ‘uh…’…but after that vid: okay, okay…I can dig it!

  2. My associate in freezing weather, had his guns out today. The shirts cut on the sides so you can his sexy abs. I had to fight so hard to not let my eyes pop out and not react. Then he puts his jacket on like a normal person after I arrive. I want to feel like he did it for me. He’s mixed, but looks Black. He’s my type but I hate when the only dates light and damn near white take a chance on a dark skin.

    Ahem, Russel Wilson

    I don’t want to get cheated on with a white one.

  3. Sadly it’s true he only dates white or Latina . But in his weak defense black girls def weren’t checking for him , most think he is corny. He’s a typical black man who gives in to the attention he receives. Just sucks as a Jamaican he doesn’t see the greatness in his own.

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