kingbach might be packing that kingsalami

i always thought youtuber,
was cute.
he’s better looking in motion tho.

i don’t think pics give his looks justice.
well did ya know he’s packing that kingsteel too?
i didn’t know either until this recent skit on his ig…
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meet the twink and his online wolf daddy

to be young,
racially ambiguous,
and a twink fox in these forests.
the forest is really your oyster.
the twink foxes seem to get the black wolves too.
isn’t funny how they can be strict foxes and it’s okay,
but when a black fox wants to do the same,
it’s a whole conversation.

anyway that seems to be the life of 19 year old,
stephen oscar.
he’s a lifestyle youtuber from chicago who usually gets 8k a video.
in his recent video,
he got 176k.
he went to dubai and met up with a “friend” from tinder.
this is who it was in the video titled “meet my online daddy”...
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