she went viral wanting to know if he lived in the building ( d’arreion nuriyah toles )

everyone meet d’arreion nuriyah toles.
he’s the story for the following question i have for the foxhole.
so imagine going into your new luxury apartment building.
you glo’d up with a new residence.
as soon as you get in,
a basic snow she-jackal decides to stop you from entering.
she wants to know if you live in the building.
how would you handle that?
well d’arreion was in that same situation and…

ya know…

i try to be a classy fox and all,
but i would have cussed her t-entire-f out.
she would have definitely remembered,
and steered clear,
of me from that point out.
it’s one thing to ask me if i live there.
i might entertain you with an answer.
to be in my way from entering tho?
heavy violation.
is that nosy troll building security?
it would have taken everything in power not to shove her ass.

the pretty vixen recently moved into a luxury high rise.
gorgeous building.
when i went to see her,
this snow vixen was looking at us real funny in the elevator.
“who are these lost negros?”.
i nearly busted out with the real sarcastic:

“CaN I HeLP YoU?”

the pretty vixen makes close to 90k a year.
she works her tail off to be in there.

don’t lose your temper foxhole.
that’s what they want.
simply pull out your camera and make their nonsense go viral.
take the high road.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “she went viral wanting to know if he lived in the building ( d’arreion nuriyah toles )”

  1. You’re right, they’re trying to get a rise out of you, I don’t know what I’d do!! Lord please make me slow to anger! Y’all may have to put some money on my books.

  2. NYTimes spoke to Hillary Brooke Mueller’s estranged husband Brandon Mueller who interestingly enough has a black father.They have been separated for over a year.He posted a short video on FB.He said was shocked to learn about the encounter.He doesn’t condone her actions and he sent FB message to Mr Toles to show support.

  3. Question at want point as Black People do we stop with the Kumbaya

    Everyone wants to congratulate D’Arreion Toles on how well he handled the situation, but, he handled the situation all wrong in my opinion. First off, he entertained a conversation with her for far too long; at the point it became apparent that she was not trying to let him enter his residence he should’ve called the police. I know the issues that we have with the police but as a tax paying citizen that is what they are there for. 2nd he let her follow him back to his apartment, so now she knows where he lives and don’t get it twisted all because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can’t do some damage with that information especially now that she is unemployed, too! 3rd issue is the Kumbaya statement he released later after being contacted by the media after the video went viral; essentially saying that “he isn’t mad at her, he doesn’t want to pursue any action against her, he won’t be opposed to having a conversation with her, and he wishes her well”. As Black people we must stop being ashamed to tell truth about our situation in America regarding race and we must start arming ourselves with tools and information to defend ourselves. There is nothing wrong with righteous anger and we have to stop letting this false image of the “Angry Black man/women” hold us back from the emotions we are entitled to as human beings.

    1. ^felt the comment.
      fuck that.
      no talking to her about shit.
      i would have made sure her next stop was moving out that building.
      everything you said reality is on point.

      playing devil’s advocate,
      he might have wanted to play “nice” since a majority of tenants in there might have been white.
      he may have felt insecure about it so to keep the peace,
      does anyone think he played that card?

  4. Did you hear about the lady who called the cops on a 9 year old that accidentally brushed up against her with his book bag in a bodega. Happened just a few days ago. There is video of her ranting and the traumatized little boy and his little sister. SMH. This is out of control.

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