Another Attentionisto Joins The “Onlyfans” Club (How To Do “Onlyfans” Correctly)

2018 is the year of the “onlyfans”.
is  “connectpal” still a thing?
either way,
almost every attentionisto is getting into the “show and sell”.
the foxhole blew up my mentions about ^this one.
he has an “onlyfans” now

i’m not shocked by ^that one actually.
king agu looks like he ( x would be on that wave ).
anyone in the foxhole paying for his content?
is it worth anything?
he does have an alleged big ass pipe.
i’d personally like to see him use it.

everyone is getting into “onlyfans”,
but some are not doing it right.
i’m sure it’s how most of them fuck.
can’t perform well and cums entirely too quick.
this is what makes a good “onlyfans”:

  1. content
    folks get rowdy for minimal content.
    no one wants to pay for “every other other week” posting.
    i’d say two/three x weekly posts would lead to a successful business.
  2. meat
    if we can see the similar “teaser” pics on ig/snap,
    this is grounds for a cancellation.
    go “hard” or go home.
  3. sex
    even if you put an emoji over private parts,
    or an outline of sex in a semi dark room,
    sexual content is a no brainer for viewership and money.
    sex sells; dicks don’t.
  4. ratchet
    the nastier; the better.
    90% of these folks use ig/snap as their advertising rolodex.
    they get on “onlyfans” and expect us to pay for teasing.
    nah homie.
    i will happily post about how wack your shit is.
  5. interest
    “onlyfans” should be a bts of sex and sexuality.
    we want to see our fantasies being sexual.

    that’s why folks are paying to see it.
    no one wants to see shit that is PG enough to be on ig stories.
    get your wack ass out of here if you gonna bore us.
    stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re use too.

 i think i covered everything.
feel free to add in the comments.
now go forth and sell your dicks/tails for us to consume!

27 thoughts on “Another Attentionisto Joins The “Onlyfans” Club (How To Do “Onlyfans” Correctly)

  1. DonyD forget about the hovergover taxes as well..All that is considered taxable income.

  2. i’mma pass I mean honestly that elosecia(forgot his name tbh the guy w/ the messed up teeth) so yeah good luck to those who buy into it.

    I saw milan has one however we’ve been that pipe and those cheeks like more than enough times to know what he’s working w/ and what it looks like.

  3. Smart idea, but think even smarter and they’d see a business strategy from the other end with a larger and steadier income flow. The successful and lucrative businesses of today don’t actually own anything; they rely on actual users to use what they have, ie., Facebook, Uber, YouTube, OnlyFan, AirBNB. Find a problem, and offer a solution.

  4. A bodybuilder told me something about onlyfans in the gym the other day.

    He said “these dudes are doing onlyfans because they need the income. Training was the wave at first, but now that field is saturated so they need another source of income that require minimal effort”

    1. @JAY

      Its a given that these guys need income. Making an onlyfans account cheapens your birand & almost makes you look desperate. As you said it requires minimal effort. It will soon become saturated, just like training wave is and YouTube. Once companies notice that many people are making quick easy money by not doing much it will attract more people, which then makes these companies tighten their regulations. YouTube did that with the whole censoring & demonitization rules.

    2. Eh, I could come up with a lot of “the Players Club” quotes to respond to that comment.

      But these men don’t have the women where they can parlay IG fame into club appearances, music video cameos or reality show fame.

  5. I was about to say No Way would I pay that even though I find him very attractive! But than I thought back to my high school and college days, before social media we had only the adult book stores and they were clandestine. Magazines only, Black Models Nude were rare and cost Between $5 and $10 dollars, I bought them. There was a photographer out Of Chicago that sold photos for about the same price that we found out later he was killed by one of the modes. It was an underground thing then..
    So with todays social media I guess it is the same. Wiser now I would not pay it because they will be available later for free.. But as far as Agu is concerned I get a gay vibe from him and to me that is not a bad thing at all, I would Flip for him! Smiling..A sign of the times.

  6. Now I was not ready for the King to go this route, I can say I am genuinely shocked by this turn of events. He is one Attentionista that I really like and although he post plenty of thirst traps I just didnt see him going out like this LoL but hey L.A is no joke when it comes to expenses and he has a very expensive lifestyle or at least it looks that way on his social media. IMO this sort of cheapens his brand, but again I dont have to pay his bills so I aint mad at the hustle. I guess I would have never seen him or Royal G going this route they both portrayed that they were already successful entrepreneurs, Royal with a personal training business, and King as a realtor. However both are very good looking men and if someone is going to pay why you are in your prime, you gotta strike while the iron is hot. Good luck to all in the Only Fan game, I subscribed to the Global Bros a couple of years ago for a month, Connect Pal and I must say I felt I got my money’s worth and then some, these young dudes were regular dudes but they put it down for their subscribers LoL, a good friend let me use his Onlyfans and I must say, I was not impressed with any of the content of the models I viewed on there, it was very lackluster with little to no good content that would be worth paying, so I will pass on all the new boys being that they all eventually end up on Tumblr anyway.

  7. I wanna see agu, but I’m too cheap to spend the money. I’ll just wait for the leakage lol

  8. 📰NEWSFLASH “King” Agu is a big dick bottom who only dates tops who have a bigger peen than him. So, I would only pay to see him take a big one. 👍🏽

    1. Ive got $20 for that! Get it done, Agu. I know you are here. Who could resist this much free publicity?

    2. Hmm I hear conflicting reports about this what is the truth and where are the receipts??

  9. Again, outside of a very few cities, 500 people paying $20, JUST ONCE, will pay your rent for a year even after Onlyfans takes its 20% cut. And if you are a 20/30 something whose only marketable skills earn minimum wage, make that two years. People pay $20 entrance fees to clubs all the time. A good or service is worth exactly what someone will pay for it, not what YOU or I would pay for it.

  10. King Agu has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. I’m not even counting his numbers on social media platforms like snapchat and twitter. If he can convince just 1-2% percent of his followers to sign up then he is the winner. That’s $24,000 dollars in just one month. The porn industry is a recession proof billion dollar a year juggernaut. And I have no problem with these young men getting their piece of that sweet delicious pie. I do have a problem with the pearl clutching puritan homosexuals who sit online judging these guys. The same cheap ass sissies who pass judgement on the attentionistos for getting their hustle are the same ones combing through google images and tumblrs trying to find it for free. I don’t have a subscription to any of these OnlyFans accounts, but that doesn’t mean I won’t subscribe someday in the future should I be titilated enough to do so.

    Btw, King Agu was featured here on the Foxhole last year.. 😯

  11. So I know i may sound thirsty, but I really want to see his pics. Ever since he got naked on invite only cabo, I’ve been curious. But I’m too cheap to pay lol. Hoping someone will drop the pics for the rest of us to see lol

  12. Part of the advantage of OF was that most of these page were pretty cheap (around $10/month). $15 can be a steal if you post often enough with good content (e.g., Miamii Laflare’s page). But some of these models have to be out of there mind to charge $20 for a handful of content where they might occasionally update if they don’t completely forget about the page.

    Like I’ve said repeatedly, I have no problem with OF, if you have product you can sell, sell it, but selling takes effort.

    1. I agree Jamari Fox with everything you stated about properly making an “onlyfans” page I thin k also to the men who create these platforms to expose themselves for a fee and then not fully do anything with their content because they know that, the customers will be willing to pay $20 and up for half-ass content and I sick of it….. I really would name a few that really waste my time in producing wack ass content… FOR REAL…. #mytake

  13. I blame this partly on gay men endorsing this foolishness and thirst. These attentionistos actually be thinking their naked pics are worth $20… and for some reason gay men keep supplying these dudes…until the dudes slip up and say something

    Again, these dudes are charging rates of well established pornsites. Not to mention sites where you can get the same content for free? These dudes ain’t that “extraordinary”.

    It’s gotten so bad that even subpar dudes are charging $15 to see pics of their ashy peens & taco meat packed bussies, oh and they be having attitudes as bad as females.

    There probably are some women that do pay to see stuff like this for a passing glance but the majority of females are way to mentally confident and snag almost any straight man if needed in public.

    Women and Gay men share a lot of similar traits mainly being their desire for the same sex, however, unlike gay men, women aren’t as superficial when it comes to a man. They love the sight of a well built man but they don’t build their lives around it, which usually is the drawing line.

    Is it this easy to fund your finances just by flashing?

    Have any of you considered doing this?

    I see.dudes posting pics of taking vacations with the money they earned. Saw a post where someone said they made 2000 in a week from headless “short videos”.

    Sorry if I sound like a hater but I believe people should be paid for hard work & not given money for mediocrity. Hell, I could whip my own peen out and bust splits AND provide better content than these but it’ll catch up to them one day though.

    We went from working for money, then tossing out shameless GoFundMe pages (I once remember seeing a GoFundMe where a girl was asking for 10,000 in tuition help “because her financial aid department trippin'”). I didn’t donate a thing to her and moved on to someone else not looking for a handout.

    Who in the Foxhole about to create one of these OF pages though so we can go to L.A. with the money and be like JoAnn the Scammer?

  14. 500 people paying $20 per month is well worth the effort..even if it a different 500 people each month. Same is true of 200 users if your only marketable asset is a big dick and a pretty face. Onlyfans is a lot more scalable than escorting. Even constant discussion on blogs about how bad your onlyfans is will inspire a few people to check for themselves for whom $20 is less than nothing. Im proud of these hos!

  15. Attentionistos Love gay men’s attention and money from every race. They get turned on when a gay man watching them. No women want to pay to see them naked.

  16. He does have a good looking Dick but not worth the $20 he’s charging to see it. Nigga only has 2 vidoes and 5 pics and want $20 for viewing? WTF wrong with these people? Search Tumblr or Google and you can see his Dick for FREE!! Save your damn $20😁😁😁

    1. only when supply over demand you resort to such foolery, or when the content has been posted on tumblr but don’t worry he’ll get his exposure soon… It better not be no Johnnell type of foolery.

    2. Hell I was mad when Nat Turnher increased the cost of his OnlyFans page. He did have a couple of nice vids up. Even though he doesnt have any cum shot which I think is fraudulent. lol. But, I love the size of his short fat dick. lol Hell after he increased the cost. I canceled my subscription. lol So, these nobodies want that much money, gtfoh.

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