It Isn’t Looking Good For Kellen Winslow Jr

you just never know what’s happening bts.
looking good,
being talented,
or even “married” doesn’t always equal good characters.
that seems to be the story of ex baller hyena,
kellen winslow jr.
the alleged details of his scandal have been released to the public.
foxhole via “tmz” and “deadspin”

Kellen Winslow Jr.threatened to murder BOTH of the women he raped if they spoke to anyone about the incidents … this according to prosecutors. 

The ex-NFL star just appeared in court — in shackles — where officials spelled out the case against him. 

Prosecutors say Winslow picked up 2 hitchhiking transients — one in March and one in May — drove them to an isolated location and raped them. 

In both cases, officials say Winslow threatened to kill them if they told anyone. 

As for the alleged attempted rapes of two elderly women — 71 and 86 — officials say in both cases he broke into their mobile home units with the intent of raping them … but ultimately left before anything happened. 

Prosecutors say cops have had Winslow under surveillance for a while — and saw him trying to sell his H2 Hummer in an attempt to destroy evidence. 

The judge ultimately deemed him a danger to the public and ordered him to be held without bail

Winslow pled NOT GUILTY to all of the charges against him. 

…and then this snippet from “deadspin”:

“…The prosecutor also describes what happened in May when Winslow walked up to a 55-year-old woman who was gardening. The two briefly talked and, according to the prosecutor, when she walked away, the woman felt as if Winslow was following her. She then saw him two feet behind her “with his erect penis exposed,” the prosecutor says. The woman screamed “no, no, no” ran inside her home, and told her husband, then called 911, the prosecutor says. Near the end of the clip, the prosecutor also goes over the reports of Winslow appearing at the mobile homes of two women, one in her 70s, another in her 80s, he didn’t know.”

if the alleged is true,
he is outta here.
in this video,
he looks like he has no soul in his eyes either.

it gives a low key “aaron hernandez” vibe.

articles cc: deadspin | tmz

x read the court documents

7 thoughts on “It Isn’t Looking Good For Kellen Winslow Jr

  1. Maybe those hits in the NFL messed his head up, I don’t wanna believe that a normal person would do that,. I’m a person that looks for the best in people. So sad to see a fine black man allegedly do those things, and he didn’t have to.

  2. Wow, speechless, this dude has some dark demons he is dealing with. Something in that childhood went way off track. This is almost giving me serial killer vibes.

  3. If these allegations are true I feel sorry for his wife and young kids. If she knew there was a monster lurking within I doubt she would’ve given him two children. The shock of these alleged crimes reminds me of former NFL star Darren Sharper. No one could believe he’d be capable of drugging about raping women because he was rich and handsome. Kellen also adds to the disbelief because he not only grew up with priviledge, he also hit the genetic lottery of having good looks and athleticism. Human behavior continues to baffle me. smh

  4. If this is true, God help him.
    I still think drugs figure into this story somewhere. It will come out.

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