Everything Is Love

so as you know,
or didn’t,
bey and jay released an album today.
“everything is love”.
i found out as soon as i walked in the door earlier.
the pretty vixen mentioned it during a conversation we were having.
as soon as i got myself on twitter,
i saw a few folks tweeting about it.
personally speaking…

it’s on tidal.
i’m not rushing to tidal to listen to it.
if it posted up on spotify,
since i pay for that service,
i’d def rush to take a listen.
if it was on itunes,
i’d contemplate a purchase.

tidal tho?

…i do,
but i’m good on that.
i’ll listen to it when it’s released on something else.
i’m sure half the foxhole has listened tho.

What’s the verdict?

lowkey: i loved everyone kept the same energy.
they was against bey doing a album with jay.

15 thoughts on “Everything Is Love

  1. Their predictable and boring….I’m ready for some fresh new faces. They are making the type of music that a Cardi/Off Set duo would make. The things people do to stay relevant. Also I don’t give a fuck about a Stan so don’t bother me.

    1. After listening to the album for free, I must say musically it’s disappointing. Im still waiting for a Beyonce record that shows impeccable songwriting. Her game is so strong on so many levels, particularly visually. If she could get some good songs and some choreography that didnt look like a master class in bucking…

  2. Basically sum up how Beyonce feels. “Patiently waiting for my demise / ’cause my success can’t be quantified / If I gave two fucks about streaming numbers / would have put Lemonade up on Spotify,” I swear people on internet are weird how you already hating on the album, before listen to it. Also Y’all need quit acting like Tidal is really that expensive when it the same price on spotify and apple music.

  3. I don’t get it when it comes to society and Black people with music. If you make music and DON’T sell albums folks call you a flop and laugh at you. However if you’re ultra successful and powerful people say you’re overexposed and overrated. Which one is it? if you’re Black and musician folks don’t want you to thrive yet if it’s a Taylor swift, a Britney even a Ariana grande I never hear a white person say “omg go away you’re to successful”. I find that problematic with our culture. When you’re new to the industry but soon as you ascend they get mad and say “i like the older music” are artists not supposed to grow and change? I like it it’s a chill Summer album, sound production is good I like 713, Boss, Apeshit, Black Effect, and Nice. This is a chill, house/block party album. Cruise on cruise control album lol. Smoke your L and sip your drink album. Ironic that Both Lemonade and her self titled album Beyonce had to grow on me but for some reason I’m feeling this joint effort 🤷‍♂️🤗😋

    I give it a 4 out of 5. I got a feeling 713 or Nice will be the next single.

    1. Thanks for the balanced perspective!! I was getting pessimistic about checking out the album. I’ve actually liked the bey/jay-z songs in the past and I couldn’t understand why this might be bad. Even with their home life problems, I’m glad they’ve found someway to work everything out and be an example of a couple staying together (at least thus far).

      Maybe it’s silly to think this, but they’re my example of how love can win out and what amazing things you can build with someone beyond the traditional family goals.

      I’m optimistic about it and if it’s chill like you say, that’s right up my alley. I love mellow music and Lemonade definitely had that element to it.

      Anywho, thanks for your refreshing and reflective perspective. I don’t think people realize how they sound.

      And also when it’s said that someone should go sit down… I wonder, why would someone who’s doing exactly what they want to be doing in life have to stop once it seems some people get tired of them? Isn’t that the point of doing what you want to be doing in life? So you can do it a lot longer than the average person would do any traditional 9 to 5? What’s the point of having a calling if you’re supposed to “bow out” a certain time? I don’t know, just my opinion…

    2. Jay Z cannot sell out a stadium alone in 2018. If he could, 4:44 tour would have been situated in stadiums. His stadium shows have been co-headlined. Beyonce is the one who can do it alone. I’m a fan but its true, at this point Jay is using Beys stardom as a crutch to help his music. And more power to him because he benefits from it. But it is what it is. Beyonce’s star power trumps his in this day, its been that way for the past 5/6 years and thats not even debatable. Them together pushes their big brand further. But he benefits more than her if anything. Beyonce’s name is the one which gains a million tweets in one day, not Jay Z.

      People tell Taylor to go away all the time, just like the Kardashians. Overexposed is not an insult, its just an observation of the obvious. Drake is also overexposed too, so is Taylor, Kardashians etc. It is what it is. Its not always a celebrity’s fault if they’re overexposed, it just means they’re constantly a hot topic, media outlets use them for clicks, their name causes conversation etc. Overexposed doesn’t equate to overhyped.

      I don’t agree with the whole “go away” thing though, I think if an artist is at their peak then they should carry on striking while the iron is hot. I never understood why people would tell a successful artist to “take a break”. People said the same thing to Nicki last year. Its weird & not smart at all if you’re a forward thinking person.

      All in all though I listened to the album today in the gym, it was pretty good.

  4. You can get Tidal for free though with your email registration. They’re doing a 6 months free promo. I personally am not too crazy for the album either. I prefer Bey solo. Her album and tour collaborations with her husband aren’t that excited. She needs to musically and professionally detach herself from Jay Z before he Bobby Brown’s her career. Jay is just taking advantage of her to extend his relevance at this point. Beyonce can sell out stadium tours solo but he can’t, she’s the media pop star darling and he’s basically been relegated to the legends who need to retire bench.

    1. Naw Jayz has and can sell out stadiums solo. We all know Bey is big when Jayz announces he’s going on tour it sells out especially when he did 4:44 recently and etc.

  5. It will never be on Spotify, which I adore (thanks to my student discount). None of Bey & Jay’s new albums are on there. Which doesn’t really bother me because they arent my go-to artists when it comes to listening to quality music or just bops in general. Give me Khalid, The Weeknd, Drake, DVSN and the new school rappers over The Carters music any day. They’re better at marketing than making good music, and this is coming from someone who generally supports them. They will eventually go to Spotify when people stop buying their music though, when they need the sales. You can’t be on top forever.

    Spotify > Tidal.

    I saw them live in concert the other day though, I was thoroughly entertained. They were giving out free tidal subscription cards while we were waiting to go inside the stadium and it now makes sense. They were giving out cards because they were planning on releasing the album shortly after. And to those who won’t listen, y’all don’t have to. Because you’ll probably see it all over your timeline thanks to the dickriding that people on social media tend to do whenever big mainstream musical entities like Drake, Beyonce or Jay Z release albums. Its cringeworthy to say the least.

    I never went to the first OTR tour so I wanted to check it out just for a live experience in person. I’m not crazy over their music though, I used to be a huge Bey fan in high school but then my musical tastes just changed I guess. If you’ve been to the first OTR tour back in 2014, then I’d suggest not to go to the second one this year. Its pretty much the same thing with some switched up stage theatrics & choreography. Beyonce is notorious for that in her shows. And yes, I know how the first tour was because as you guessed it, people were posting it all over my timeline on social media when it first took place back in 2014.

    Thats what happens when you’re an overexposed artist, most people don’t need to pay for what you put out because theres always someone who does pay who will put it out there for us.

  6. I think you should give Christina Aguilera’s Liberation a listen. It’s a very good album!

      1. Jamari, I agree..give it a listen. The album as a whole is very very good. There are some songs on there I think you would really like.

  7. I took advantage of the free 6 months Tidal deal and tried to listen to the album. Not one song hooked me…… NOT ONE. it’s trash

    1. ^dont have the hive come in here with stingers ready sip!

      is it wrong to font i’m not actually excited about this?
      i use to jump for a b album,
      but now,
      i’m just kinda going the flow and “i’ll listen when i can” type of vibe right now.

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