Everything Is Love

so as you know,
or didn’t,
bey and jay released an album today.
“everything is love”.
i found out as soon as i walked in the door earlier.
the pretty vixen mentioned it during a conversation we were having.
as soon as i got myself on twitter,
i saw a few folks tweeting about it.
personally speaking…

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Jesse Williams Wants You To Remember He Is All About “Black Love”

maybe it was just rebound pussy?
you know when you get out of a relationship,
you aren’t trying to get tied down again.
all you want to do is fuck and keep it light with someone else.
that might just be the motive.
you know…
after his divorce,
jesse williams and his alleged “whatever” with minka kelly.
as you know,
the sistas feel betrayed after that bet awards speech.
i don’t blame them by the way he presented himself.
well jesse is allegedly back and all about the black love.
he has a short film called “verses”,
which is on tidal now.
it also stars v. bozeman.
this is a quick clip from his ig and well…
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The Couple That Starred In The Web Series Together; Gets Allegedly Outed Together?

the d/ls gotta cover their tracks real good from the hounds.
so everyone meet ray guercy.
he was on a web series called “money and violence”.
well he recently left the show,
but it seems his secrets came right on out as well.
he allegedly was in a relationship with one of his co-stars.
who was the co star,
you ask?
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Everyone Get Into “Formation”

tumblr_nwk1xx8mz71rqgjz2o1_1280so i was minding my business,
watching “american crime”,
and i heard a slight rumble.
suddenly it got louder.
i got a little scared.
at first i thought it was an earthquake.
it was #hive fallin’ out because beyonce released a new video.
it’s called “formation” and well…
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Tidal: Grand Opening; Grand Closing?

NewYork1-e1302549646313who didn’t see this coming?
tidal being all washed up before summer was over.
well looks like jay z maybe getting on his life raft and sailing the fuck out!
this is what the forest is saying about jay z and tidal.
of course…
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SqdbFgoQyou know when jay tweets,
there is a problem.
well i guess he heard the forest talking about tidal being all wet.
he got on his twitter to bring us a public service announcement