Jesse Williams Wants You To Remember He Is All About “Black Love”

maybe it was just rebound pussy?
you know when you get out of a relationship,
you aren’t trying to get tied down again.
all you want to do is fuck and keep it light with someone else.
that might just be the motive.
you know…
after his divorce,
jesse williams and his alleged “whatever” with minka kelly.
as you know,
the sistas feel betrayed after that bet awards speech.
i don’t blame them by the way he presented himself.
well jesse is allegedly back and all about the black love.
he has a short film called “verses”,
which is on tidal now.
it also stars v. bozeman.
this is a quick clip from his ig and well…

“…the activist/actor to partner with Harry Belafonte’s, TIDAL, and writer/directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz to create a presentation that expressed the current climate and needs of our country. The short film, entitled Versus presents Jesse Williams and love interest, singer and actress V. Bozeman in a predicament many Americans know all too well; a state of fear. It encourages us to use the voices and platforms we have, to speak against injustices everywhere — whether they directly impact our own lives or not.

Jesse Williams shares with TIME, “In a world consumed by organized confusion, it’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure. We have to press on with focused energy, creativity, respect and love, not overlooking all that we already possess. One of the ways this piece spoke to me was a reflection of gender dynamics in society and movements work: men struggling with expectations and resources; Black women leading, nurturing and strategizing with wisdom beyond their years. These are merely moments, among many. Keep being yourself — take care of you and yours, or hate wins.”

i’m sorta baffled by this one.
confused with a heavy side eye.
it’s one thing,
if after the divorce of his black wife,
that he was walking around dating other sistas.
he was with a whole snow bunny.
he didn’t really shut down the rumors that is/was platonic either.
he was real defensive and that killed his credibility.
he contradicted himself and that speech real heavy.
i like to think folks can change tho.
jesse may have seen the error in his ways and wants to push through.
he might be back in black pussy again…

like others in these “but, but you had said” predicaments,
this is just a heavy damage control.

article cc: blavity

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Jesse Williams Wants You To Remember He Is All About “Black Love””

  1. celebs are humans
    i think we hold these humans to silly standards forgetting that like us we are all complex and nuanced and that not much in this world is as straightforward as it seems.

    1. – Grabs your hand and walks out this thread –

      People fail to realize that Jessie is a historian and has a team behind him and knows what to say to get people exicited and to buy into what he is saying. It was people that didnt believe that speech he was selling and they were getting called haters or comments deleted. We as a people are going to have to get rid of the pimp and prostitue syndrome, and be better at looking at a person actions and character. Also, instead of calling someone the next leader, we gone have to search deeply within ourselves and find the leader that we truly are.

      1. You are speaking the truth. It’s very easy to manipulate people with a few words and emotion.

        Perfect example, Unilever, what is Unilever? A company that owns a lot of brands including Dove and Axe. Dove is all about female empowerment, beauty in every skin blah, blah, blah basically it makes women, all types, feel good about themselves and feel like Dove is truly supporting them.

        Meanwhile, there’s Axe, if you watch any of their commercials there is some dorky looking guy who sees a hot, thin chick that he obviously wants to bang. He uses Axe and bada bing bada boom she taking him somewhere to suck him off.

        See the hypocrisy? One is empowering women and the other is degrading women.

        Then there’s Fair & Lovely, owned by Unilever, that lightens skin complexion. Very popular in India.

        The point is Jesse Williams and other celebs are just brand. They shouldn’t be taken serious or in a high standard, but sadly in this country people are so wrap around needless things that’s pathetic, but laughable. I have never laughed so hard when every single black women stood up in the audience and the many articles/retweets when Jesse said “I love black women, black people are magic.” Then when he was caught dating a white woman, ooh man, the responds and retweet made me die. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. We don’t believe you Jessie. After Grey’s Anatomy inevitably ends, he’ll be pretty much finished lol

    Not only did he shack up with Minka Kelly, he started bad mouthing his ex-wife like she wants a come up when SHE was the one helping to support the family when he was teaching and trying to get his acting career off the ground smh.

  3. He’s realizing that how good it was when he had the black female audience and is seiing the white female audience is not coming around.

    These celebs have to be careful of the audience they alienate

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