The Meats In Kansas Are Exceptionally Clean This Year

i was actually shocked where new yawk was on this list.
jersey too.

so the cdc has updated it’s current list for our review.
“which forests have the most sexual diseases“.
where does your forest stand?…

In alarming news for sexually active singles, CDC reports found that STD rates rose again in 2016, reaching an all-time high by topping 2015 figures, which previously stood as the worst year for STDs in the U.S. The problem is so bad that many experts are labeling the surge in STD rates a national epidemic.

In order to keep you informed about which areas pose the greatest risk, we�ve compiled a nationwide ranking of states by the frequency of STD infection. This report was created by taking the CDC data on the rate of incidents per 100k residents for the two most common STDs, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and calculating a weighted average between the two. The results may surprise you.

Compared to our 2016 rankings, perhaps the biggest story of the 2016 CDC data is the increase in reported gonorrhea cases. The top ten worst states all experienced a rise in the rate of gonorrhea per 100k residents. In Alaska (#1), Mississippi (#2) and Georgia (#4), the rate rose by more than 40 per 100k, enough for Alaska to maintain its status as the worst state in U.S. for STDs, and for the latter two states to move up several positions in the rankings. The across-the-board increase in gonorrhea infection is startling, and many experts attribute it to the rising prevalence of antibiotic-resistant strains of the disease.

Chlamydia rates also rose in most states, and remains the most common STD in the nation, which is often attributed to the fact that most people infected do not experience symptoms.

Some states were hit hard in 2016: Delaware�s (#9) rate of chlamydia infection increased by over 60 per 100k, enough to bring it into the top ten. Mississippi�s infection rate jumped by a whopping 91.9 per 100k, pushing it up to #2 overall.

Other states fared better, including North Carolina (#7), Louisiana (#2) and New Mexico (#5) which all experienced a decrease in chlamydia infections per 100k.

The state moving up the highest in the rankings is Maryland, jumping up six spots from #24 to #18, owing to significantly elevated rates of both gonorrhea and chlamydia. Next is Delaware, climbing five spots from #14 to #9. There is a four-way tie between Georgia (#4), Indiana (#23), Virginia (#25) and North Dakota (#26) for third greatest increase as they all moved up three places in the rankings.

Hawaii experienced the greatest drop in the rankings, falling eight spots from #20 to #28 due to a decrease in the chlamydia rate per 100k residents. Three states–Texas (#16), Tennessee (#22), and Michigan (#27)–fell four spots each, while three others–North Carolina (#6), Colorado (#30), Vermont (#50)–went down three spots.

Significantly, thirty states either maintained their previous position or only moved one place in the overall rankings.

ya’ll love to fuck down in the south,
aren’t ya’ll highly religious down there?
i know it’s slow and all,
but can we get some condoms for this insane fucking ya’ll be doing?

it’s gonna get to this point soon:

is it the music?
social media?
 hook up apps?
i had to wonder…

Why is everyone fuckin’ so much nowadays?

…and if you’re gonna fuck,
because we all like to fuck?
why are you not protecting your fuckin’ yourself?
it isn’t even just diseases either.
there is an influx of cubs being brought into the world too.
the majority from:

fuck buddies
one night stands
cheating scandals

one of my friends about someone with 5 cubs.
the 5th was born recently.
all different baby favvahs.
our tax dollars are keeping her (and the rest) living nice and comfy.
at this point,

a) happy to be straight
b) happy to be frustratingly celibate

no chakara changing pounding is worth my health.
the way how these forests are going…

i ain’t with the shits.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The Meats In Kansas Are Exceptionally Clean This Year”

  1. They fuck so much in the South because they don’t have anything to do other than eat, smoke, and fuck!
    I went to visit my family for the holidays last year in Georgia and Alabama. I’ve never seen such obese people in my life. The ladies have pretty faces but are big as hell. The guys are handsome (some of them), have thickness, but look dirty. LOL

    I can see why Southern states are high on this list.

    1. ^social media makes the south look so good,
      beautiful bawdies everywhere.
      i thought that’s why it’s so much fuckin LOL
      because everyone looks good.

      1. You know what Jamari, I’m just going to say this and be quiet: people in the south are religious, but the gag is, they are doing things for the dick and pussy and are challenging themselves to see who is the biggest THOT on the block. Me personally, I’m HIV negative, I don’t have any STDs and I rather use a damn condom anyway. These pineapples, jackals, hyenas, and vixens with no morals or walls are very nasty and disgusting and just straight disrespectful. Yes, there are some good looking wolves out there and hybrids, but looks can be deceiving. Just because he got a good looking wolf tail or hybrid tail or his dick is big and beautiful doesn’t mean it’s all of that or even worth the risk. Most of the kids on social media never ever had sexual education and I guess that is why I’m very much celibate or just down right single and horny. I like to have safe sex and be intimate with my handsome wolf. I just don’t want him young and dumb and always full of cum. Just saying *sips tea*

  2. So I’m from Brooklyn, but I’ve lived in Georgia and Florida and I will agree with Christian on a lot of points he brought up. There is nothing to do besides fuck. All day. Espicially if you’re in a rural town. And most of the times it’s unprotected.

    The biggest catch when it comes to southern wolves and foxes is that the majority of them are DL, have thick accents that instantly turn you on, and are gutter. Like dirty, but in a good ‘no fucks given’ kinda way. The ones that are out are most likely HEAVILY involved in the Church and are flamboyant. I had a pastor try to get at me, fresh outta high school! I’m generalizing, but these are just my observations over the years. Anybody ever pick up a wolf at a Waffle House? 😏

  3. The reason also why its STD are going up because people are using prep which they are only worrying about getting HIV versus other diseases….

  4. I too live in the south, so called bible belt, sad thing is some of those so called Christians use the church as a scapegoat. A lot of cutting up in church behind closed doors, especially in ATL, it’s sickening. Like Brandon said, not worth the risk, as horny as I am, my next partner gonna have to show me proof that they’re clean, I know I am.

  5. I agree with one of the comments about the prep thing.. It seems like guys use this just as a cop-out/excuse to have unprotected sex.
    I get guys telling me that they’re on prep when they try to convince me to sleep with them without a condom. HELL NO! For all I know you could be saying that shit to everyone, and one thing I’ve noticed is that anybody can lie to you about getting tested and a lot of these dummies who use PreP will believe it and have unprotected sex without thinking about the precautions.
    Dudes can’t be trusted, period. That’s why I always strap up or tell the guy to guy to strap up. They can be gorgeous on the outside but ridden with STI’s in the inside & you’ll never know. After all, many STI’s symptoms take a while to show up or some don’t have obvious symptoms in general.

  6. This information is not accurate and should be used as a guide, because laws vary by state, and it is “voluntary,” to a certain degree. Also, if someone goes to a private company to be tested, it is rarely reported to the health agencies, since it is not a requirement for them.

  7. Low and Behold the Top Ten States with the exception of 1 is a Red State so that means this list is only going to get worse every year thanks to Republican leadership that will cut medical funding and God forbid you even talk about sex education in the South. Which is about par for the course for regular classroom education. These states rankings are probably pretty accurate for their rankings on standardized test scores as well.

    All this Super Religion everywhere you look have done nothing but push people into the underground, both gays and straights are sneaking and having back alley sex when and where ever they can especially thanks to Social Media Apps where they can keep everything on the low. They can fuck Monday-Saturday and then fall out on Sunday asking for forgiveness. Sadly this new STD reality has pushed many of us to religion of celibacy. The raw videos both gay and str8 have only increased, it is like everybody tries to out do each other on how freaky and nasty they can be on camera, so one can only imagine whats goes on when the camera is not rolling. So many people out here now fucking for likes on Tumblr.

    Sadly these numbers could be cut in half in a couple of years with the right amount of education but again the legislators in these red states along with Orange Satan will continue to slash medical and educational funding but will give tax breaks to media corporations who push a steady diet of sexual and negative images through television, movies and music and then you have the religious leaders staying silent all the while their congregations are dying from preventable diseases. To say we are a so call civilized country we are the most hypocritical backwards developed nation on the planet. We are truly being destroyed within thanks to our leadership.

  8. Being from the South, I roll my eyes at this but also believe their is quite a bit of truth to it. First of all, I’m no dummy & know folks are walking petri dishes these days. Ho’s are literally from every area code. This is the reason I’ve been gray/DEMISEXUAL half of my life. I cannot get into this raw trend & sex with folks I don’t know cuz they cute. Sometimes the cutest things contain the ugliest secrets.. Anywho..

    Everybody talking bout going natural and now they naturally burning and itchin & the sad thing is, some don’t even care. You even have some that won’t even tell you. I’ve had a few instances where dudes have tried to initiate contact with me and not disclose their status and I later found out they “had something”. The ole, “Well if I don’t bring it up, no need to tell me.” Line. 🙄

    I’ve fooled around halfway with three dudes and I legit wanted to see if they would bring up the issue of using a condom/safe sex. Not one of them niggas said anything about it and was trying to Fawk straight up raw. One of them I kicked out. He was from D.C. and was talking bout sum raw shyt & letting another TOP and him do something together. I told him nope and he started getting a lil upset tellin me I be tripping and I need to learn to not be so uptight and live a little and that’s my problem now. I told him to get the fuck outta my house and he left with a major attitude. (This is one of them dudes that said he wanted to grind or whatever and tried to grind his pipe up in me on the slick like I was gonna be so into the moment I’d let him slide right on in…I stopped his ass and told him if he gonna do that, he need a condom. He started grumbling.)

    I know I sound a lil over the top but I am kinda a germaphobe. Folks be eating asses, sucking and fawkin without protection and them microorganisms be having a New Year’s celebration everyday. I’ve heard about PreP and could care less about it or whatever and just like a previous poster said…PreP doesn’t work for everyone. You just have folks that are not responsible these days and MFs that are just plain nasty. Diseases/Infections are real and one day they gonna run up on something they can’t shake off so easily. When they dicks start falling off like twigs and they asses morph into Stargate Atlantis bussy they gonna be looking stupid.

    1. Yes prep has side effects that everyone is not immune to and I for one can’t take the pills because it would burn my liver. most clinics now offer lab results online, with the date of results and whether your reactive or nonreactive. It very helpful and I would consider this as a result of screening people and challenge them with the pudding proof !!

  9. Being a 25yr old virgin is lonely, I think about sex all the time, mostly cause I’m unattractive why men don’t bother me hear in good ole Virginia(born and raised in Jersey tho). But I must say I’m at a point where I have fallen in love w/ myself and the thought of sleeping w/ any man w/o him showing recent papers is sickening. I love that this means I’m safe. I don’t drink or eat from ppl, I don’t do anything risky of getting an STI! Times like this I truly love being a virgin. And side bar while I hated VA for the longest I moved back truly Jersey for two years before I was forced to move back to VA with my mom due to a bad roomie situation and I must say the south has a lot to offer in terms of finding peace and having security. I live in suburban ass town where the wypipo hate my mind but idgaf I love the feeling of knowing how safe I am here compared to Jersey. I’m from the hood, lived in a decent neighborhood when I moved back thanks to a decent paying job but still had to walk through the worst neighborhoods after getting off the bus that shit is wild scary having to put on this bravado that I won’t scurred but was damn near sitting myself hoping I wasn’t going to get shot being that the gunshots never stopped lawd!!

  10. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at some of the responses lol.

    Ain’t no more sex going on in the south than any other place in the United States.

    There just isn’t as many clinics and resources for health services and the ones they have are spread out. I’m sure New York and Jersey have double digit clinics per borough.

    Let’s not get all high and mighty when up north y’all have whole ass neighborhoods with “chicks by the layers all different flavors” turning tricks lol

    1. They share them just like in the South…but you can’t ignore the fact that there are more southern states on the list than northern ones. If they can travel for weed/drinks/clubs….they can travel for the services.
      But like most ignorant folks, in the north as well, they’d rather not. Nah, have a shitload of kids by different dudes and let the taxpayers take care of them.

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