The Couple That Starred In The Web Series Together; Gets Allegedly Outed Together?

the d/ls gotta cover their tracks real good from the hounds.
so everyone meet ray guercy.
he was on a web series called “money and violence”.
well he recently left the show,
but it seems his secrets came right on out as well.
he allegedly was in a relationship with one of his co-stars.
who was the co star,
you ask?

…his name is rafe.
according to lipstick alley via aazah:

i mean,
this is all “alleged”.
i’ve personally never watched the show,
but in 2017...

Is this really still a “GASP” moment?

pineapples be gay.
thugs be gay.
if this is true that they are/were allegedly fuckin’ then…
so what?

it might be a shock because they are both “masculine” and play thugs.
i’m not shocked because i’ve fucked with wolves who looked like that.
this is not a shock to anyone gay/bi.
society still has this warped perception all gays are feminine and fragile.
the straights are wearing blouses and carrying clutches.

i think in 2017 this is such a non-story.
if this is true,
it sucks that he had to leave the show because of it.

 fantasty is what fools the masses,
but reality is what shocks us.

lowkey: if they wanted to not be allegedly outed,
they sure picked a very large glass closet to live in.
these allegations just scream “new to this”…

screengrabs cc: aazah

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Couple That Starred In The Web Series Together; Gets Allegedly Outed Together?”

  1. People still care about shit like this? They could be Straight, they could be Bi, they could be Gay, they could be Transgender, etc. what does any of that have to do with the person concerned with who they fucking? People priorities are very misguided.

  2. Maybe they wanted to be outed. Sometimes people subconsciously disclose info about themselves, when they are feeling conflicted. It releases the pressure. More power to them.

    1. How does it release the pressure? If anything it brings more pressure, not to mention more problems from the ignorant and misinformed people they would have to deal with.

      1. I think he was saying that sometimes people sometimes subconciously do things so they could be at peace with themselves more than anything. For example: in the case of a DL man working on a gay series could be his subconcious way of learning about himself and accepting himself, or coming to terms with his reality, instead of the pressure of being confined within himself. Or if he’s outed he won’t have the pressure of having to do it himself etc, because then at that point he’s forced to accept it. It’s like his body and heart are guiding him to accept his truth, and perhaps it might feel relieving to be in an environment where he finally has a place where he isn’t being judged, whereas in his normal life, perhaps he doesn’t have that opportunity.

        Well, at least that’s how I interpreted it lol.

  3. That’s what I’m sayin, no big deal…u can find this typ’a duo walkin the streets at any given moment in any borough jus about from what I see when I visit NYC…hell, these are my preferred types anyway…so yeah, *shrugs*… both jai sexy though

  4. I’ve seen so many of this type of dude on various gay dating apps especially in the early 2000s when bgclive was at its peak.

  5. What do people get out of outing other people.
    I never could understand the reason behind too save my life.

    1. They’re bitter and they need drama in their lives to sustain themselves and feel important.

      1. If that be the case then. They can keep that keep it.
        I do not put up with drama of no kind.

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