Everyone Get Into “Formation”

tumblr_nwk1xx8mz71rqgjz2o1_1280so i was minding my business,
watching “american crime”,
and i heard a slight rumble.
suddenly it got louder.
i got a little scared.
at first i thought it was an earthquake.
it was #hive fallin’ out because beyonce released a new video.
it’s called “formation” and well…


i love ratchet bey.
i loved that.
i really did.
i could have done without the stereotypical “gay talk”,
but the song goes hard with foolishness.
i love foolishness.
i also loved:

“when he fuck me good,
i take his ass to red lobstah”

“stay gracious,
the best revenge is your papah”

the choregraphy

bey’s braids

blue ivy

i know this isn’t what the stans want to hear but:


two sistas who shut shit down when they come into town.
its a:


( x free download on tidal ).
i’ll cop when it migrates over to my side of the musical forest.
does this mean another surprise drop is in the works for bey?
we shall soon find out at 12am one night we least expect.

lowkey: “work” comes out next week.
bey dropped this.
my income tax came early.
i feel pretty peaceful and zen.
i would love to be ridin’ an attentionisto brain’s out on my bed,
or eatin’ some bomb ass fried chicken,
it’s a damn good weekend nonetheless.
more of THIS please?

24 thoughts on “Everyone Get Into “Formation”

  1. Some of you all sound dumb.

    Timeless is relative to the time.

    Whitney, Mariah, and Toni had their time.

    Monica, Brandy, and Aaliyah had their time.

    Now this is BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna’s time and has been for the past 10+ years.

    You don’t need a timeless song or material like they needed in eras prior it’s about who dominated all areas of pop culture and when people look back on this time they will think of them regardless.

    To top it off they’re one of the very select few of artists of color that people get excited for their releases.

    1. Whitney – 11 #1s Mariah – 18 #1s Rihanna -13 #1s Janet 10#1s

      Beyoncé has 6 #1s and this will not be #7 She has had only 2 top 10 hits in 7 years

  2. Listen, Bey is my #1 girl in this whole music thing but I don’t know where she is going with her music.. I want to like it so bad but sometimes it’s hard to watch let alone listen to. I don’t have an issue with her dancing in a leotard but those lyrics are so juvenile for somebody of her caliber as an artist, age and as a mother in general. Sorry but that’s all I could think of when I saw her prancing around in that hallway. And I agree with some on here, I feel a Madonna vibe coming with Bey. It’s like she’s changing everything about what made her great and doing anything to keep up with the young kids of today. It’s not timeless or something you can look back on, it’s very wishy-washy and “hot for the moment” type ish. I gave 7/11 a pass but now I had to say something.

    When I watch Beyonce videos on YouTube, I dead-ass don’t watch anything from that surprise album of hers. Because I don’t feel anything when I watch it, I don’t really get my life as I do when I watch the videos from DIL to 4. The signature Beyonce. I know she wanted to explore and evolve but don’t forget the main thing that made you popping in the first place. Because once you lose yourself, you could lose your people too. It’s like people usually support her for the hype, not the music.

    She can still be sexy because her sex appeal is always on 10 but some things you just gotta let go. When is she actually going to release a song where she is singing again? That is the Beyonce that got her where she is today. That is the Beyonce that wowed people. The stuff that she’s putting out now makes you question everything especially since they usually are baseless and have no concept. It’s just very kiddish for somebody like Beyonce. The pseudo-raps, the trap beats, the senseless kiddy lyrics got to go. I liked ratchet “Check On It” Bey with all the switching, snapping and booty popping in sync to the song with the cute lyrics too. I know she’s grown and can’t do all that now but that’s the Beyonce that gave her that signature style. I’ll still be watching the Halftime show tonight though. I have faith in her. That is all. /end rant.

  3. Beyonce makes a video with images of New Orleans and poor people. She has a song where she is talking about if one of her hoes fucks her good, she will treat him to poor people’s chain establishments. She is rapping about haters, how much she slays, basically nothing to do with the imagery that is being portrayed within the video. She throws some BLM shots, but when it came time to speak up months ago, she was nowhere to be found. She isn’t a feminist anymore, but now she is a social activist this go round. Yeah, this is ya’ll queen.

  4. Another over hype release. This one is not a radio friendly single. I pray we don’t have to hear this at HALFTIME tomorrow.

  5. Love the video so much. Gave me everything I needed and more. The mix of ratchet and conscious gives me life.

  6. All I can say is that I thought I could but I can’t!!!!!! It makes no sense to me at all as a New Orleans native this video sickens me to my stomach and I hope the victims of Katrina is as equally offended as I am disgusting!!!

  7. I love the song and the video; however, I wish Tidal and the Beyhive would be washed away. Meanwhile, can I get a copy of ANTI so I can listen to “Higher” by Rihanna.

  8. Yes! And the fact that she’s stepping into her inner activist with all the Black Lives Matter imagery. People asked for her to speak up and damnit she did!

  9. This sucks. Beyonce is going to be Madonna in a few years. I cannot wait to see how she will be popping that pussy at 50 years old. Her music is not timeless or iconic at all and this proves it.

    1. The video is cute but I’m still straining to see how she gets to “Legend” status when these simpleton-ass songs show she is only about her “papah”. Can’t take her seriously as an activist about anything BUT money. She needs to soak in Spike Lee’s doc about Michael Jackson and let Rihanna have this musical moment.

      1. LOL Rihanna is just as done. Her new album proved it. I liked “Work” but it felt like she had no direction with that album. When Beyonce fully falls off, so will Rihanna. Rihanna is still young but she started her solo career 2 years after Beyonce did and they were always neck and neck in the race. Because if you think about it, every time Rihanna is brought up, so is Beyonce. She is her main competition.

        It’s gonna have to take a younger popular girl to steal both of their shine. Rihanna’s prime was probably 2007 – 2012. Especially the “Loud” red hair era. Beyonce is still doing well but her prime IMO was the Single Ladies era. They still sell regardless though so good for them. Britney Spears (a teen popstar like Riri) fully fell off in her early 30s, so if Beyonce is about to be done then so is Riri who is pushing 30 in 2 years when her next album would probably be out.

        1. ^i want everyone to remember that once these two black women are “done”,
          then that’s pretty much it.
          these two may do dumb shit,
          but they are top bill amongst all their white counterparts.
          we are so busy trying to tear them down,
          but we need to remember,
          the whites are still the main competition for both of them.
          they get their swagg and fail from these two.

          so let’s remember this when we start putting the tickets for their career coffins.
          lord knows others don’t have the work ethic they do.

          food for thought.

  10. I really liked it even though I prefer her to be a little less ratchet lol. I also peeped all the different looks in the video as well.

  11. I wasn’t feeling it in the very beginning part by time the video came to a close I was bumping to it. It reminds me of 711 in the aspect that the video make the song for me. I do love the visuals an the fact Bey has zero fucks to give, the song is going to take a min for me to really get into.

      1. Preach Jamari! They stay trying to advertise Tidal. Thought they learned their lesson when Feelin Myself didn’t get much attention. Unless this is a test run to see if she’ll get sells.

  12. I love it especially Big Freedia(gay rapper out of New Orleans)part,I watch his show on Fuse.I was wondering why Tidal donated $1.5Million to Black Lives Matter this morning out of the blue.

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