RIP Twitter?

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okay so everyone is getting ready for the funeral for twitter.
twitter is trying on a “facebook” fashion accessory.
they plan on introducing a “algorithmic timeline” next week.
everyone is complaining under the #RIPTWITTER hashtag.
1 million tweets already.
so this is serious.
my only issue is…

…what the hell is a “algorithmic timeline”?!?!?!?


they are saying that’s what killed mypace.
why would twitter even do something like that?
i’m confused,
but as the age old adage goes…

if it ain’t broke,
don’t try to piss off your users.

well something like that.


lowkey: i remember when everyone thought,
because yahoo was buying tumblr,
that things would change for the worse.
we are still happy emo perverts over in that forest.
maybe this change to twitter won’t be that big of a deal?

5 thoughts on “RIP Twitter?

  1. Running a website is so easy. Make something people like, and never change it. People kill me when they want to fix shit that isn’t broken.

  2. I am not on Twitter but I read the timeline won’t be in chronological order but in the order of what tweet is more popular.Also the CEO of Twitter wants to change the limit from 140 characters to 10,000 characters.Nobody has time to read tweets with thousands of characters.People will be posting essays and Sh#tšŸ˜€

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