Kevin Carnell Is A Beach Bum

tumblr_o1ov0mkf0u1tebb41o1_1280kevin carnell seems to have a great life.
he has the best hd shots on the internet.
this is him on vacation in hawaii via his tumblr

he also has the best natural tail and v line in the game.

2h34ytei don’t know what he does for a living,
but i’ll allow whatever it is he is doing.

picture credits/see more on his tumblr: kevin carnell

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Kevin Carnell Is A Beach Bum”

  1. His body is fucking hot…. But don’t all dark chocolate wolves tend date snow/super light-skin foxes? I am really noticing this trend among dark chocolate wolves.

  2. Those cakes look like 2 perfect melons, ugh #bootygoals , my small ass will definitely be in the gym tonight.

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