“The X Games” Starring @chrisbrown @rihanna And Some Random Hoes

everyone is fighting over the magical pipe that belongs to:

tumblr_mmjtlbMbIv1qi0506o1_400i’m convinced you enter the matrix when he’s beatin up a putty.
breezy wolf has got himself two new vixens,
after breaking up with rihanna.
they are actually pretty too…

this is karizma:

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 7.14.27 PM a0c37dea5aea11e295e122000a9e2965_7

x instagram

and this is blair:

127452bc7d5911e2806d22000a1f9e4d_7 270cb5549d5f11e2a3aa22000a1f97a4_7

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“threesome alert!”
could they not look alike?
they both joined him for his birthday weekend last week in vegas.
they also made their way to ny to continue partying with him.
they had dinner with him and his x kae at one of my favorite spots,

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 7.14.39 PMthis chick…
can someone tell m why is she eating with his new hoes?

anyway i doubt rihanna was losing sleep because she partied at greenhouse with:

Rihanna-jr-smithjr smith.
another one whose pipe must make you levitate when you cum.
breezy wolf refused to attend her concert at barclays.
hollywood life has a quick story about it:

x read story

i’m actually looking forward for:

tumblr_m3lzemVdYm1rnke21o1_500if this does happen again,
she needs to stay there.
as far as breezy wolf,
he is young and full of cum.
he’ll find someone eventually.

lowkey: he needs an older vixen to turn his ass out.
he hasn’t met “you will obey my every command” vagina yet.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on ““The X Games” Starring @chrisbrown @rihanna And Some Random Hoes”

  1. I think Kae misunderstood “a chick to hold me down” as hang out with side pieces. I just want Rihanna to move on she can do a lot better than Breezy. I see her with some rich ass European businessman.

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