Have You Ever Been To These Baller Wolves Sex House?

every baller wolf has a sex house.
your baller wolf may have a sex house.
hell your regular wolf may have a sex house.
a sex house is a place where they bring road kill.
you don’t take road kill to your spot.
they don’t get that luxury.
it’s just sex on a bed covered in other baller wolves dried kids.
sounds disgustingly exciting, right?
well these baller wolves:


brandon-marshall2mike sims-walker,
brandon marshall,
and chris johnson’s shared sex house is connected to a murder…

A house linked to the shooting of a 15-year-old girl in Pine Hills last year has ties to current and recent National Football League athletes, newly available records in the case obtained by the Orlando Sentinel show.

One of the players, former University of Central Florida and Jacksonville Jaguars receiverMike Sims-Walker, was directly involved in the investigation, records show, at one point entering an Orange County Sheriff’s Office interview room to talk with his cousin, a victim in the case who authorities suspected was lying.

Prosecutors have described the home on Robbins Avenue as a nondescript setting where pro athletes could hang out and bring women while visiting Orlando — away from the view of the media.

In a newly available videotaped interview of the state’s key witness in the shooting, Chester “Chad” Joseph, three current or former NFL players are named: Sims-Walker, Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall andTennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson.

The three are friends who have Central Florida ties: They all went to local high schools, and Sims-Walker and Marshall played together at UCF.

Joseph, a resident who describes himself as a “manager” for Sims-Walker and Johnson and a friend of Marshall’s, downplays their involvement with the house: “I use their [homes] a lot … all I was doing was really returning the favor. … When [the players] come here now, I got somewhere where you can go on and slide you a little chick.”

However, he acknowledges that Sims-Walker kept a souped-up car at the home and that Johnson has also been there. He says those two paid him more than $3,000 monthly combined.


tumblr_mmjxyfd7WQ1snhorqo1_500sounds like a nice little scandal there.
allegedly dwayne wade and carmelo also had sex pads.
this isn’t as uncommon as you think.
you shouldn’t be fuckin’ in no one house and people in the living room.
that should be a sign you are in a sex house.
listening at the door while your insides getting re-arranged and shit.

lowkey: jalen rose recently spoke about “wifes” and “side chicks”.
where they sit and what sections:

shit put me in the box.
fuck that.
i’ve heard if you see a baller wolf playing bad in a game,
he spotted his girlfriend sitting tooooo close to wifey.
tsk tsk.

why even have those problems?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been To These Baller Wolves Sex House?”

  1. Damn J, you are making up for yesterday and bringing the fire today. Well I guess this will make the front page of Lipstick Alley and Mediatakeout and maybe an afternoon spin on ESPN, but I wouldnt bet too much more media coverage, unless some really salacious details came out like she was in a Orgy with all of them before being shot, but 15 years old does raise eyebrows and it may be a Statutory rape case, I guess I will stay tuned now that I think about it, it could blow up into a big thing.

      1. If it’s not Chris Johnson getting banged in that fat ass, then I don’t care about seeing a single tape.

      2. Yea, he sags a lot, and that ass is exposed. It’s a video of him talking with fellow running back DeAngelo Williams on YouTube, and he was sagging like shit. The comments on that video were crazy lol. His ass is mad fat.

  2. No that’s not the story. The girl was riding in a mini van and a stray bullet from the house hit her and she was riding by in the van. She was not at the house. They could be some consequences for this one. Why can’t these athletes stay out of trouble? And you tell me I would date an athlete. Hell no.

  3. Jamari you should undergo sex change surgery, become a ‘vixen” and go on ahead and get yourself a baller, shidd you could be living out your fantasies

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