The Gay Kappa Divorce

kappa-gay-weddingremember these two?
nathanael gay and robert brown of the “gay kappa wedding”?
well a vix-bi updated me that they are headed for a “gay kappa divorce”.
well separation,
but it may head in that direction.
this is the official statement nathanael put on his facebook…
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Have You Ever Been To These Baller Wolves Sex House?

every baller wolf has a sex house.
your baller wolf may have a sex house.
hell your regular wolf may have a sex house.
a sex house is a place where they bring road kill.
you don’t take road kill to your spot.
they don’t get that luxury.
it’s just sex on a bed covered in other baller wolves dried kids.
sounds disgustingly exciting, right?
well these baller wolves:


brandon-marshall2mike sims-walker,
brandon marshall,
and chris johnson’s shared sex house is connected to a murder…

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