The Gay Kappa Divorce

kappa-gay-weddingremember these two?
nathanael gay and robert brown of the “gay kappa wedding”?
well a vix-bi updated me that they are headed for a “gay kappa divorce”.
well separation,
but it may head in that direction.
this is the official statement nathanael put on his facebook…

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.30.51 PM
….even tho i’m in a funky mood,
i won’t bitter up this entry.
you thought i was going to be “that fox”?
tumblr_mb75psW4US1qmfh3wyou obviously don’t know me well yet.
no it’s a blessing that they lasted that long.
some of these hoes out here can’t even last 13 hours together.
bad enough most in this life don’t know what friendship is.
i applaud nathaneal and robert for giving it a try at least.
may they find happiness again in the future.
here is their wedding video if you can’t remember:

i’m keeping hope alive “he” is out there.
for me and you.

screen shot taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Gay Kappa Divorce”

  1. Jamari, you know there are notable people who have absolutely no problem bittering this up….

    Though it is sad, I am glad they were able to end it in a graceful manner. Sometime a relationship reaches its expiration date and the fire flickers.

    At least no one is throwing out dirty laundry in IG….

    1. Really ? What makes you think that? Gay marriage has existed in Massachusetts for 11 years and there have been very few divorces .Personally the gay couples I know who have gotten married take it more seriously because they waited so long for the right to get married.They also take becoming parents more seriously because they can’t just accidentally get pregnant.

    2. I’m saying! Got me wanting to take the Bar exam and set up a practice in ATL.

      Prenups, spousal support…divorce attorneys are going to get paid.

  2. A little background Nathanael is the tall one,he is the Kappa.These guys are only 33 and 34.They got together when they were 20 and 21.From their social media appears Nate was more of a partier.Also people change so much between the ages of 20 and 33.On their wedding blog ,that no longer exists, they said Nate was on the DL for several years of their relationship.They actually broke up for awhile because he was dating women.I remember an interview they did when they said Nate’s family didn’t know they were a couple until after Robert proposed to him.They lasted 13 years and hopefully they will remain friends.

    It’s funny I figured out they broke up over a month ago because they used to take selfies in the kitchen and I noticed the kitchen was different in Nate’s selfies.Also Robert’s birthday was this month and he went on vacation without Nate.

  3. I’m starting to believe these gay “marriages” and “relationships” that have been blown up to be the ambassadors on the web, are not what we see in the videos, pictures, and social media post. It seems like these people are doing it for the attention or notoriety. No DL man can be an ambassador for people who have been living their TRUTH from day one. An ambassador overcome EVERYTHING that comes along with the territory….good…bad…or in between. It’s time for a COUPLE who’s been walking in their truth to be recognized.

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