The Gay Kappa Divorce

kappa-gay-weddingremember these two?
nathanael gay and robert brown of the “gay kappa wedding”?
well a vix-bi updated me that they are headed for a “gay kappa divorce”.
well separation,
but it may head in that direction.
this is the official statement nathanael put on his facebook…
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All The Kappas I Know Are Losing Their Minds Over This Gay Wedding.

how dare these two people not fall in love!
how dare they say fuck it and get married!
how dare they!

my straight kappa homeboy called me flipping out.
i didn’t know what was going on until he slid the link to me in an email.
it seems that the he and the other kappas are not happy with these two being gay under their organization.
i wanted to seriously ask him…


…but i put the phone on mute to laugh.
i know a kappa who,
every time he see me,
tries to of this good stuffon the low.
his boy to be exact.
i know of an openly gay kappa in new york too.
lol at the big drama….

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