Have You Ever Been To These Baller Wolves Sex House?

every baller wolf has a sex house.
your baller wolf may have a sex house.
hell your regular wolf may have a sex house.
a sex house is a place where they bring road kill.
you don’t take road kill to your spot.
they don’t get that luxury.
it’s just sex on a bed covered in other baller wolves dried kids.
sounds disgustingly exciting, right?
well these baller wolves:


brandon-marshall2mike sims-walker,
brandon marshall,
and chris johnson’s shared sex house is connected to a murder…

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Your Next Baller Wolf Maybe High on Viagra Ready To Dig You Out

5 hours of straight pipe to cheek beat down?
right after a game where they LOST?
you know that smash session will need plenty of water and a new headboard.
i don’t think i could take it.
some of you might enjoy that non stop bedroom roller coaster.
brandon marshall of the bears may have revealed a secret that may have some of you excited
or scared….

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Brandon Marshall Needs Serious Anger Management

I’m old school, and I’ll smack a bitch…-Birdman

I’ll tell you right now…
As much as he looks like “Beat Me To Pieces”…
I have to ask….

“Is that before or after the black eye and the bruised lip“?

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Brandon Marshall Shows His Ass

I knew that got you excited huh?

Brandon Marshall always finds himself in hot water, huh?
Seems like the Dolphin fans are not happy with him right now.



But we like looking at him with all the dumb things he does, right Foxes?

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Ginsu-Hoes (Another NFL Player Stabbed)

Ever since this lockout has taken place,
it’s like these hoes are playing Captain Stab-A-Negro.

I see that now these NFL players have no money,
they been bored and fucking up with Vixens left and right.

First Brandon Marshall and now…

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Michi Does Mugshot

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