All Hail The Queen!

how ironic yesterday i watched one of my favorite movies,
set it off.

1017_496250180406860_1302962406_nthat movie gets me in my feelings every time i watch it.
one of the last black movies that really did heavy character development.
as i was watching,
i said to myself how all of these leading vixens are all so different now.
today i see these new pictures of big sis queen latifah
at the ny ballet spring gala.

all hail the mutha f’n queen!!!
queen just exudes confidence.
i love it when queen hits the red carpet.
she always manages to show the hell out.
i went looking for some set it off stuff and found these:

queen has come a long way.
i want to be like her when i “growed-ed” up.
i liked how they all got together for the bet awards in 2005.
will and jada hosted

get ready for queen’s new talk show.
x coming soon

if you haven’t watched set it off??
you were living under a rock?
well you are in luck.
i got chu baby.
sit back and relax with me:

x watch set it off

5 thoughts on “All Hail The Queen!

  1. IF only Vivica could get on that same level. Her show with Bill Bellamy shows how she has fallen compared to the others.

      1. Especially someone like a main character in the movie Independence Day and Soul Food. I know people are starving artists but sometimes you just cant take everything that comes your way. i.e. Juwanna Man.

        1. ^yeah that was a bad movie.
          viv gave one of the best performances in set it off.
          i almost thought she was “frankie”.
          from the bad movie roles to the face transplant,
          she missed the mark.
          her last good role was:

          viv has always been this boug-ghetto chick.
          i also think she is too nice.
          look at this old clip of viv:

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