The Pre Baller Wolf Who Came Out The Closet Was… Married.

remember larry fitzgerald’s twin,
kevin grayson,
from the earlier entry?

x see entry here

f-bi said not so fast.
looks like before he realized he was gay,
he was wifing this lil lady:

us_zps6ba82afathen he walked her down the aisle…


tumblr_inline_mf9kaa7Cy11qbqxieuh oh.
i hear them lighting the torches now.

x like this

you know they don’t like this.
i guess kevin got a divorce
(god i hope)
because he ended up with:

this is his new boo.
he looks happier here.
who knew what his situation was so i won’t judge.
every one of our pathes are all different.
some learn faster than others.
some don’t learn at all.
he could have been scared of his feelings.
hiding them behind pussy.
he was young.
you never know.

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x see his wedding page

13 thoughts on “The Pre Baller Wolf Who Came Out The Closet Was… Married.

  1. Jamari you should be a detective. LOL! You find shit I wouldnt even think to look for. Beautiful bride. Hope she can move on. And if you gotta get an Ice Queen at least get a hot one.

    1. ^LOL @ ice queen.
      i never heard that one before.

      this was the work of the f-bi!
      i can’t take all the credit this time.
      the foxhole does send me leads and i do my own little digging.

  2. *ded* why you so Ycolette lol lmao but kerry A. did not come out to be with peanut B. Kerry dumped the peanut making him have bitter grapes moment. C. He got himself a new PA aka peanuts friend so in closing kerry was a messy wolf who got even messier

    1. I was joking but when Kerry comes out I bet he has a black boyfriend unless Peanut has scared him off from Black men.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, I wonder when is a Black dude gone come out and have another Black dude on his arm. The snow bunnies will not be denied, you are gonna have to be out with it to get with them I see. I guess all the black dudes with other black dudes will be like most of us and just keep it on the low.

  3. Yup, a hometown girl who doesn’t ask alot of questions. She is just happy he picked her to have on his arm.

  4. Well she looked like the type of girl that would be used as a cover up, so after seeing her I am not surprised. Lord knows who these gay NFL players may be. At this point it could be anyone.

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