Mariah Carey and Miguel Get “Beautiful”

mariah-carey-miguel-beautiful-900-600do you think mariah will be half naked in her new video with miguel?
well she just debuted her new video for “beautiful” so let’s see…

i like this song tho.
real smooth old school vibe.
mariah looks like she hasn’t aged either.
well here.
sometimes you can see “it” on american idol.
miguel has been lookin real masculine lately.
i dig his transformation.
i also like this tongue:


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Mariah Carey and Miguel Get “Beautiful””

  1. I’m kinda getting tired of MC. I grew up on her and now it’s the same slow motion cam action, hair blowing, and looking like she popped an E pill. Can we get Amarie to drop another REAL summer song like:

  2. Didn’t really like the song or video. Miguel was looking good tho. Makes me think about wanting to get up in them guts.

  3. I love the song, I love the video. Real retro throwback to old Marvin and tammi 1960s Motown. It’s like if Marvin and tammi were here here today that’s the kind of song they’d make. Really beautiful song and video, no pun intended. Mariah looks damn good! At 43 most women in their twenties don’t have that body, so excited for this new era. Bring on the EPICNESS.

    S/N Miguel was looking right too

  4. I dig this song. Their vocal skills alone are amazing, so the both of them together should be nothing less of EXTRODINARY! Mariah and her whistle register takes me to another place every time. *sighs*. This song will be on repeat for me this summer.

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