imagine rising from the dead and knocking everyone off their pedestals

this image is no longer availablespeaks to this entry.
at some point in our lives,
we will fall from our pedestals.
that is where we will see exactly who is in our corner.
nothing is worst than when you fall and folks choose someone else.
you’re out; your replacement is in.

i found these moments in life reveal the real from the fakes.
it’s a hard lesson but:

Some of those folks that are skinning and grinning in your face don’t really like you.

Some folks are waiting for someone to clap at you so they can take off the mask.

if you have/had a fall from grace,
i’m gonna suggest something for you to do that i do…

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it’s was a hot girl/boy summer (and now folks pee be burning)

ya know,
its best not to follow the crowd.
as much as i enjoyed the music of “hot girl/boy summer“,
i didn’t go jump off random dicks like a pogo stick.
i took it more of “live your best life” than “go fuck everyone recklessly“.
well it seems like medication is gonna be on deck this fall because…

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the fall off the mountain is the real bummer


she came here to make it from down south.
she came up here to help her triflin ass family from what i remember.
we met at my past job and we clicked instantly.
after all she did for her triflin ass family,
they kicked her out and she was homeless.
her baby daddy wasn’t shit either.
she tried to live at him,
but it was hell.
she ended up having to go to a homeless shelter,
where someone stole most of her stuff one day.
i remember having to console her because she was crying uncontrollably.

“it’s not fair.”

that’s all i remember her saying as she weeped.
she was determined to make “new yawk” work with her baby tho.
i told her don’t stay here to suffer.
we lost touch after leaving that job,
but we recently re-connected.
i just looked at her socials

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All Hail The Queen!

how ironic yesterday i watched one of my favorite movies,
set it off.

1017_496250180406860_1302962406_nthat movie gets me in my feelings every time i watch it.
one of the last black movies that really did heavy character development.
as i was watching,
i said to myself how all of these leading vixens are all so different now.
today i see these new pictures of big sis queen latifah
at the ny ballet spring gala.

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The Dragon Is Back And All The Other Vixens Are Scared (VC: 15)

every year we can expect a beyonce take over.
she goes hard for the entire year until she feels it is time to stop.
the other singers probably thank their lucky stars.
2013 is the year she regains steam again.
she has the super bowl coming up,
a new album,
and other stuff to make us sick of her by mid may.
her first stop is up and coming gq for february…

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