imagine rising from the dead and knocking everyone off their pedestals

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at some point in our lives,
we will fall from our pedestals.
that is where we will see exactly who is in our corner.
nothing is worst than when you fall and folks choose someone else.
you’re out; your replacement is in.

i found these moments in life reveal the real from the fakes.
it’s a hard lesson but:

Some of those folks that are skinning and grinning in your face don’t really like you.

Some folks are waiting for someone to clap at you so they can take off the mask.

if you have/had a fall from grace,
i’m gonna suggest something for you to do that i do…


i want you to take a moment to feel all the pain that come with a loss.
you still a thug if you cry.
it’s okay.
i won’t judge.
i think the biggest mistake i see is when folks have fallen from grace,
but start trying to hard to still stay relevant.
they wanna still impress those who left and act like everything is all good.
“fake it til you make it”?

im gonna font another suggestion i’m actually doing now:


i want you to pack your (emotional) bags and dip.
that means stop posting on social media too.
don’t announce that you’re taking a break.
close the door behind you and leave.
this is when you’ll really find out who is fuckin with you.
some will even unfollow and that’s perfectly fine.
they are opening spots for the million and billionaires to enter your life.

while you are gone,
take some time to relax and be stay low as possible.
travel and learn something new while being under the radar.
no distractions or watching other people you know flex on socials.
don’t give AF what they’re doing.
when you’re ready,
this is when you get to plan your rise from the dead.
one thing i’ve learned:

Rising from the dead makes for the best comebacks.

they never see it coming.
how many celebs have fallen from grace but successfully rose from the dead?
they vanished from the public eye and enjoyed the quiet life for a while.

That is how you have to be.

your comeback should be reigning down the flames for their armageddon.

“Niggas that acted subtle now wanna be in the huddle
But everybody who doubted gettin’ flexed on first
And everybody who hated gettin’ flexed on worst.”fabolous,
i’m going down.

you will shine brighter because your downfall actually breathed new life into you.
stepping away to regroup is the best thing you can do for yourself.
trying to be “on” even when you fall actually fucks you up more.

Fall off
Stay down
Feel the pain
Go away

lowkey: sometimes you fall off and never go back to your old life.
you don’t want to impress those in your old story anymore.
they are all wack and corny.

your new life with the new people ends up being so much better.

6 thoughts on “imagine rising from the dead and knocking everyone off their pedestals

  1. This spoke to me on a personal level. I did exactly what you outlined. I actually moved abroad and left the ashes behind without looking back. I tried hard to maintain a level of relevancy but it was utterly exhausting, so I went ghost to regroup and escape the noise.

    1. ^ i think when you fall off and still trying to maintain a level of relevancy,
      by trying to always be “on” around people who aren’t 100 with you,
      it can bring you down lower and make others turned off from you.

      go ghost and take a detox from social media and your social circle & scene.
      even if you don’t “rise”,
      you can find peace leaving the past in the rearview mirror.

      this is your story to tell,
      or end.

  2. it’s sad we live in a world where this is even an issue. there’s too much hate, too much narcissism, too much jealousy…just let people be! if you are not where you want to be in life then there is only one person to blame, you! don’t step on other people to feel better just because you fucked up…no ma’am.

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