imagine rising from the dead and knocking everyone off their pedestals

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at some point in our lives,
we will fall from our pedestals.
that is where we will see exactly who is in our corner.
nothing is worst than when you fall and folks choose someone else.
you’re out; your replacement is in.

i found these moments in life reveal the real from the fakes.
it’s a hard lesson but:

Some of those folks that are skinning and grinning in your face don’t really like you.

Some folks are waiting for someone to clap at you so they can take off the mask.

if you have/had a fall from grace,
i’m gonna suggest something for you to do that i do…

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andrew gillum’s comeback will be televised

how long does a “comeback” usually take?
andrew gillum clearly wants his comeback to happen now.
the rona and his scandal has kept him down long enough.
he’s about to have a sit down interview on a major platform in a week…
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kris-kross2he was the one on the right.
absolutely sad…

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Is Keston Karter Making A Cumback?

remember him:

BeachpicforFlyerhis name is keston karter.
before instagram and tumblr,
keston use to be “the wolf everyone wanted to fuck” on myspace.
i remember seeing him on quite a few top 8s.
i also remember everyone stealing his pictures too.
he was suppose to be “the new big thing” in urban modelling,
but nothing came of it.
just like myspace,
he came and went.
well someone sent me a new picture he just uploaded.
is he making about to cumback for round 2?…

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Ciara is Intent On Booking That Stage!

So Ciara has come out of hiding to debut her new song “Sweat” feat. 2chainz.
This one is from her new album, “One Woman Army“.

I like a good comeback story,
so let’s see if this one makes the rotation on “foXXX6969” radio station…

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