their guilt is your comeback

your name came up last night.”

whenever i hear that,
i groan.
only because in the past,
it’s a “let’s say everything about jamari behind his back than to his face” fest.

“He asked about you and wanted to know how you’ve been doing.”

if i was driving a car,
i’d probably would have crashed..

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beat the bongos because megan thee stallion is back

you’ll always remember the first time you were turned on.
when you are getting slandered like crazy by an enemy,
and as much as you are innocent,
they are more convincing to the public for whatever reason.
if it has never experienced that,
consider yourself lucky because it’s horrible.

megan thee stallion did the right thing when they all turned on her.
she surrendered and took a step back.
while they were filling in the blanks about her character,
she was healing and trying to stay in her bag.
it’s a blessing to have someone in your corner like cardi b in the industry.
she asked megan to be on her new song called “bongos“…

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pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

when we live our lives in secret,
and we are outed,
i feel like it’s the Universe putting us to the test.

Do we take our own lives?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Do we deny, deny, deny?

our answers depend on our personal strength levels.
we know life is going to change,
whether we like it or not.
pastor dwayne dawkins,
who was ( x famously outed on someone’s ig ),
has emerged from the shadows.
he went on larry reid live to discuss the aftermath of the outing…

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imagine rising from the dead and knocking everyone off their pedestals

this image is no longer availablespeaks to this entry.
at some point in our lives,
we will fall from our pedestals.
that is where we will see exactly who is in our corner.
nothing is worst than when you fall and folks choose someone else.
you’re out; your replacement is in.

i found these moments in life reveal the real from the fakes.
it’s a hard lesson but:

Some of those folks that are skinning and grinning in your face don’t really like you.

Some folks are waiting for someone to clap at you so they can take off the mask.

if you have/had a fall from grace,
i’m gonna suggest something for you to do that i do…

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andrew gillum’s comeback will be televised

how long does a “comeback” usually take?
andrew gillum clearly wants his comeback to happen now.
the rona and his scandal has kept him down long enough.
he’s about to have a sit down interview on a major platform in a week…
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kris-kross2he was the one on the right.
absolutely sad…

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