beat the bongos because megan thee stallion is back

you’ll always remember the first time you were turned on.
when you are getting slandered like crazy by an enemy,
and as much as you are innocent,
they are more convincing to the public for whatever reason.
if it has never experienced that,
consider yourself lucky because it’s horrible.

megan thee stallion did the right thing when they all turned on her.
she surrendered and took a step back.
while they were filling in the blanks about her character,
she was healing and trying to stay in her bag.
it’s a blessing to have someone in your corner like cardi b in the industry.
she asked megan to be on her new song called “bongos“…

2.2 million views in 14 hours.
is there anything left to be said/fonted?
it’s wap 2023 but i’m wit it.

This is the perfect debut that says “Fuck Ya’ll Thought?”

that’s one of the positives about being turned on.
they all end up reaping what they sewed but:

All everyone can talk about is your comeback

6 thoughts on “beat the bongos because megan thee stallion is back

  1. I love both of them as personalities and think both also are dope rappers, especially Cardi B, but they seem to keep making version of the same song together. Cardi B’s “Be Careful” is an anthem so many women and gay/bi men can relate to!

    I do like the scissoring in this video. Put that lesbian sex on blast. I think that probably goes over a lot of people’s heads.

  2. I’m here for Thee Stallion and Rapsody crew! I only know Chika from the bars on JoJo’s song so please help?!?

    Anyways the Hot Girl Coach on her way to another hit and doing the damn thang!! I only listen to her talk about pussy and head so I don’t have the same problem as everybody else. Fuck them others, team HOTTIE!!! 🤣

  3. Yo!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

    Some Videos [ like this one ] are better than 83% of the movies being made .

    This is extremely entertaining !

  4. I don’t know about comeback, did she ever really fall off from where she was? I give the video points for style and fashion but honestly I’m starting to get really tired of these female rapper/ male rappers and this type of entertainment in general.

    How many times can you rap about WAP before it gets old. All these female rappers are out here talking about pussy, booty holes, who gives the best head etc. song, after song, after song; it’s just old.

    It’s not just the female rappers either; I’m tired of this whole Chris Brown vs. Micheal Jackson debate as well. Chris Brown has been making the same song for the last 10 years, he’s alright at this point but we need something different , we need growth.

    I’m disappointed in todays artist because the called has been placed, “ we want music thats fun and will make us dance not twerk but actually dance” and no one seems up to the challenge

    1. @Reality616: I’m really glad to hear someone else say this because I often feel like I’m talking to myself when I bring this up. What has become the standard female rapper “schtick” gets tiring at this point. If all y’all got the best pussy, then none of y’all do IMO. There has got to be SOMETHING ELSE to talk about…isn’t it? Doja and Doechii tried in the early days but their recent shit seems to be pandering to that formula. I’m hopeful for the two of them if any. And maybe Chika (but everyone hates her) and Rapsody.

      Regarding “Bongos”, the song is White Castle/Krystal’s but the video has replay value.

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