raz b wants to seduce you in maga and mega man boots

raz b got dealt a bad hand.
this industry chewed him up and spit him out.
because of this,
i feel like he suffers from severe mental illness.
it entertains and keeps his name in the digital papers.
the foxhole flooded my box with this recent video raz posted on ig


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is this a joke?
is he a maga person?
is this supposed to be sexy?
i have more questions,
i’m sure.
i will font that i’m impressed he can dance in those mega man boots.

Fonting of which,
I would love to get cozy and play a Megan Man game today.

maybe this a joke but if not…

lowkey: does trump have anyone “together” who represents his brand?

6 thoughts on “raz b wants to seduce you in maga and mega man boots

  1. I know you know this and I know most people know this, but in case anyone doesn’t, so far over 1.1 MILLION Americans alone died from Covid-19.

    Let me say this again: over 1.1 MILLION Americans died from Covid-19. This is more Americans dead from one disease, alone, than all the Americans who died in the Afghanistan War (20 years), Iraq War (20 years), Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II, World War I, or Gulf War.

    We should be having a huge national mourning session and memorial for all the people who’ve died, a huge chunk of them because of lying psycho Trump, who privately knew that Covid-19 was a horrible killer but publicly told people to drink bleach and kept saying Covid-19 wasn’t serious and would be “gone by Easter” and other lies, but essentially left Americans to suffer and die, with his bankrupt Covid Task Force that couldn’t get its act together, until the vaccines came out. He also led the economy to collapse, worse than most other major countries, and then got so sick he nearly died from Covid-19 himself, but basically lied to people about how sick he was.

    Why he has escaped being severely criticized and punished for this I will never know. It’s obscene. He should be behind bars. He not only attracts mentally unwell people like Raz B seems to be, and Ye, but he has the blood of all the Covid-19 dead on his hands!


    @ Jamari THAT part!!!!!

    I do not feel sorry for these celebrities with ” Mental Issues” who keep doing dumb shit!!!

    Get help !!!!

  3. What in the world… Welp at least he still has a nice dad bod (he’s not a spring chicken anymore).

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